Dou Yi’s words,As in the fog, a bright sunshine appears,Disperse the haze,Let him open!

I can’t think that Wei Xiaoxuan is in this letter how to see how it is not right?,Listening to Dou Yi,Then I fully understand.!
I have already gratified,so,You should also give me a step,Instead of pumping down the steps!
Yu Yu this situation,You are so worried,What do you want to think of the minister of http://www.fenquanfengguan.cn the Communist Party?
“Brother,I am finally not looking for you.。”
Yu Hao said bitterly。
Know the problem is a matter,But how to deal with,It is another dimension of another dimension.。Many people are very good at discovering problems,For example, Yang Guang in history。
But they solve problems,It is very embarrassed。
“only,How to deal with this matter?”
“The minister of this matter is no shortage,His mood。”
Dou Yi is very late.,Putting Yu Yu is ready to say to the throat!
NS1312chapter At this time
Deep autumn,Chill。
Northern Zhou Si Guo Douyi came out from the palace,I can’t help but wrap the big 氅,Bulk your head。
“Fate,Cannot avoid avoidance。”
http://www.99lebao.cn Dark 犊 car,He can’t help but sigh。
No one is born to do bad people,Even smart people,Will consciously stay away from the whirlpool,Not http://www.syhaoda.cn participate。However,Dou Yi is like some smart people,After marry my wife,I’m not coming.。
He doesn’t know Yushu City,That is right and wrong,It’s hard to retreat.。However,Who let him be Yu’s brother??
Go to Yushu like this,Many people can refuse,Including Wei Xia wign,Only he is Dou Yi can’t refuse。
“What is Dou Guogong?。”
Driving car,Ask a slight sound。
Um?Forgot this!
Dou Yi came back to God,Today, I will send myself to the palace.,This is the fine work of Gao Bo Yi.!such a man,I am afraid that I am far more than one person in Chang’an.。I know how many people have secretly with Gao Baoyi.,I hope that Zhou Guo has collapsed,Remain a good thing!
Dou Yi does not believe in any heart,A very obvious fact is,He is all the sister of Yu.,However, he in order to support the wind,In order to protect his wife,Darkly there is also a time with Gao Baoyi。
Even you are so,How can it think that Chang’an,Everything is unyielding.?Since the last time Yuxi Luoyang is defeated,Many people in Chang’an City have lived.。Dou Yi believes,Although he has been talking to Gao Boyi,But at least don’t do anything to do things.。
However, others are not good.。
“The emperor let me go guard,Replace Wei Xia wida。”
Dou Yi said no good luck,This driver’s spy,I have now lived in Dou Guo Fufang.。He also be careful:Even for giving Gao Baoyi“Expensive”,But at least give him a spy to provide a convenience,This is also a kind of help.?
In case, one day, Qi Jun is broken.,So,Their old,Including the wife of Fuyang Princess Yide,Should also escape the disaster。To more,He didn’t know。
“Dou Guo does not have to worry,This matter has been expected in high capital,Please go to the right thing,I have to go back and live down.。”
The car said in a secluded,Let Dou Yi got a chicken skin。
really,All this is Gao Boyi’s policy.。Weakened Yushu City,simplest,It is replacing the main city owner!As for the exchange of Dou Yi,Still change League Yan or Yuxian,It doesn’t matter!
Because of these people,No one is resistant to Wei Xiaoxuan。As for who is the specific,Is it important??
“I gave a jade,Also threatened to kill the monk whole,However, no one compromise at the time。Why is it so much today?,But big is big.?”
Dou Yi belongs to the voice,Undistive。
“Dou Guogong,It is a crude person,Don’t understand national events。But I also know that there is a sentence to call this time.。Today’s Zhou Jun is facing,Can not be the people under high jam。”
“Driver”I can’t help but ridicule Dou Yi。
really,Today, Zhoukang can fight,It is not the people in Yuetai.。
Dou Yi is sitting in the car sighs。