The two and empty laws of ice rock and the rock of rock are more than too many,Can’t be better than you。

“Actually Qiaa,wrong,A second law,She has awakened,why!?”Qi Yanna looked at Qiana, which was on the outside of the sky, could not understand。
Qi Ya’s willpower is extremely firm,Her body was manifested by Xilin, there must be other special circumstances.。
Fu Hua Hawang and Yan Lai Dell stood together,Lita has also left from the central control room.,Replace the strongest female walker armor。
“I have to go out now.。”Birj,Directly break the window and activate the law of the Ray,Standing on the side of Yawhua。
“Han Jiang?”Bud。
Fu Hua fingers,Say:“Still below,He wants to protect the drug。”
Fuhua has notified Hanjiang not to immediately come out.,It is best to re-look for Dr. Schr?ns http://www.ccxingxing.cn and Dr. Schr?dinger and。
I learned that Xilin is fully awakened and has come to floating island.,Han Jiang knows how to do it next。
Tesla and Schr?dinger return to the room,Tesla shakes the finger to constrain the room in the room,Also said the death。
“Why do this happen?,What is the situation in headquarters?,correct,Headquarters!”
Schr?dinger and rushed to contact the reverse entropy headquarters,I know that Xilin has retired this only a few minutes.。
“I became a law,This is what they have not thought of.,I want to go back now.,Go back to kill people who do experiment with us,Save our partners,Eliminate all damn humans!”
See Jindin,Agatta’s emotions are very excited,Already thinking how to retaliate。
Xilin said:“They are dead,Distance,I have been in the past 18 years after seventeen years.。”
“How to die?”
“I kill,I personally sent those people to hell.,Your appearance makes me”
Don’t look at Xilin, a high high in the queen.,Friends who face wandering together,Xilin doesn’t know what to say now.。
“Did you die??”Agata said:“I now have the power of an inflammation.,Let’s destroy this world together.!”
“Why can I resurrect?,Be sure to have a big relationship with those people!”Agatta looked like Dell et al.,“Otherwise I have died,Why can’t die??these people,Even people who have died,Also experiment,Does this person still live in this world?!?”
From a certain point of view, Agata said.,Xilin also died once。
She is now resurrected in Qiaa’s body.,So Agatta should be almost the same situation.。
“I have absorbed a lot of power now.,A lot of power,So many collapses of floating island can be absorbed by me.,Let’s join your hand.!”
“Kill these people,Then go to a city in a city to destroy,Until the world to destroy,Until this world is thorough!”
“good!”Xilin’s eyes are bright,In response to the words proposed by Agatta。
What is long for your friendship?,Eager family,Eager all kinds of things,That is not Xilin。
The real Silin has experienced a miserable experiment in Babylon.,Holds absolute hate against this world。
She was convinced before,But first, you must re-return to Xilin.,Destroy this world that causes her pain,This is the whole of Xilin。
As for the agreement with Hanjiang, what is it?,In front of true hatred,What are you doing?。
How much harm is human beings bring?,She will have to do it again!
“The law of inflammation is handed over.,Empty laws we have to deal with!”Fuhua said to the two of the Dell Dell。
The legal law of the naked eye, the law is strong too much,And the body of the empty law is Qi Ya’s,Give them to them, it is very likely to cause irreversible damage to Qi Ya.。
Mastering Yi Hua, who knows the power of the law, begins to condense,It is the best when it is the best at the moment.!
The spear appears above the sky,Those who are nowhere to have no fire,Those palms that can be extended from spatial cracks。
The strength of the bud is already very strong,But still not enough,Face an empty law is a bit of hesitating。
Fuhua is much better.,Every punch is temporary towards Nille。
The roll of inflammation has been pressed shortly of the procrastinum Dell.,Three huge fiction,There is also the cooperation of Lita,In the case of the violent person, the people who have got a huge force cannot make a short time.。
Yishl Dell is always stronger,The power of the world bubble is given her strength every second.,She also exercises at all times to master http://www.xiahuazhongxue.cn these power。