Liu Sheng sword face is gloomy。

“I heard that the first alchemy master in the island is trying to be killed.,No Sword,Such a good alchemist, you actually protect it.。”Just Lin Feng,Tang Beihuai and others have passed by Liu Sheng Sword,A sound of a negative measurement。
The master of this body is painted,Very black。
This person is not high!
But the power of horror,This person wears a black windbreaker,Middle-aged,The windbreaker is embroidered on a hunger mark,This imprint is an evil forces in Southeast Asia,This evil forces are Cruid family。
The people here have faces with oriental people.,But the surname is due to historical reasons,Brought the taste of Westerners last name,This family controls the power of non-Lubin,It is a real ruler。
Also a golden forces family,In Southeast Asia, it is also a gold level forces counter the five-toxicism.,However, the five poisonous education is essentially forces,And this family is a family force,Not。
But what is the black and white??Strive,Inconvenient。
And this person is Cruid’s home owl!
“Eighth road!”Liu Sheng has no sword to hear a shackles,Dead staring at Austrian!
“stupid!”The figure of the east bunch is coming out.,Looking at the Austrian Duck。
Lin Feng,Tang Bihu,Wang Meng,Death Obacula and others have also turned to look at the owner of this Cruid family.,Austrian duck eyes with a silk:“Ha ha,This seat is just mentioned.,You have bought the killing sword back.。”
“Austrian duck,Not your business here。”Liu Sheng sword face。
“Of course, there is no matter,Ha ha!”Austrian duckhar laugh,His figure will walk into the group of Xian Temple.,Just when Lin Feng is,A slau ducked face with a colorful color。
Lin Feng,Tang Bai fire and others frown。
“The Chinese disaster in the Southeast Asian region of last century has http://www.shzhabeiqulvshi.cn this family’s figure。”Tang Xi fire whispered。
“Damn!”Lin Feng wrote gloomy。
“They have recently wanted to enter Mamahsia,You are careful。”Wang Meng also low channel:“These forces in Southeast Asia are not simple,Four major gold。”
“Four major gold?”Lin Feng wrinkled。
“Hey-hey,Island country is actually more than one gold forces。”Tang Xi fire whispered:“All right,These knowledge you have to be hungry,Solvert,Some people do things without any counsel,There are more unshambered cases in the world.。”
“must be careful。”Dead God, Obacula also reminded:“Seeing this person as far as possible,This person is a header!”
“Headner?”Lin Feng heard the confusion:“Come back, this information is given to me.。”
“necessary!”Tang Bihu,Wang Meng,Death Obah Tiger Several people。
“Let it go。”Lin Feng looked at the gate http://www.scdxlj.cn of the group。
“it is good!”Tang Bihu,Wang Meng,Several people from the Deba Tiger have walked into the group of Xian Temple.,These people also carry curious colors in their hearts.,Because of the group of Xian Temples, they have never been。
Lin Feng,Tang Bihu,Wang Meng,The figure of the Debacter Tiger and others walk into it.,The flock hall is spacious,Outside the nine,But it is empty in the Internet.,A golden cylindrical highway in the central area stands。
The radius is about nine meters!
Nine meters high!
“Golden Table!”The top of the cylinder is inscribed three ancient characters.。
12Rice’s height has a ring seat,Dense,Many people have already sitting on the chair.,In addition to these seats,Besides108Among18Rice height,from1To108Box。
33Mi height,There is a golden chair in this area.,These golden http://www.mjcj168.cn chairs have a strange floating chair。
“Three brothers,This farewell。”Tang Xihu took the shoulder of Lin Feng。
“Big brother,come on。”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“Old king,grim Reaper,You also refuel。”