Lu Haokai answers some impatiently:“Anan,Which is so fast??This time is very busy,After waiting for a while。”

After waiting for a while?
After waiting for a while, the lily is cold.。
She laughed:“Haokai,I loved you so much,I just want to marry you later.,Do your sages,and,You become a family earlier,Chairman can assure the power of his hand to you.!”Gu An’an has always known Lu Haokai’s soft ribs.,Lu Haokai is now the most important right.。
And Lu Haozheng, you die, you live.。
Lu Haokai smiled:“Gu Anan,Are you talking about jokes??What will you?,Be my sage,I see you,Do my vase is almost。”
Gu An’an,Anger,Can be for your future,She must endure:“Haokai,You really hate,So I am also graduated from the design.,Naturally, I can help your busy。”
Lu Haokai:“Gu Anan,You are married to the only place to let me get some privileges from my father.,You only have this place,As for the designer, you don’t have to worry.,I found a designer today.,And is a senior designer,It must win the chalk group。”
Lu Haokai is obviously a very good mood.。
Gu Anan,Don’t she do this??
“Lu Haokai,You are waiting for me,One day I will let you look at it.。my design,It’s not bad.,Just no work experience,give me sometime,Will you see a different Gu Ai’an。”Gu Anan, this is can’t swallow.。
She is in Lu Haokai,Just a vase,Lu Haokai in her eyes,But it is a bill of money.。
“Ha ha”Lu Haokai suddenly laughed.,“Gu Anan,Then I will wait for your success.,From the vase counterattack。”
Gu An Anqi,“Then when did you go to see the day?,Not as good as we put the call first.,At least a child giving me a business,The child is like that,You should give me a little compensation?”
Lu Haokai was anger.:“Gu Anan,Do you want to face?,http://www.mideajfl.cnWhat is the child??You are very clear,Do you want to talk about it?,Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow。Dad saw our two marriage certificate,Will be very happy。”
Gu An An 神 神 suddenly excited:“good,You said good tomorrow.,Take me with me tomorrow morning.,I save you back to pick me up.。”
Gu Anan,Lu Haokai,I can’t control Lu Hao Cheng.,Do you still control you??
NS549chapter:She is too flat.

NS549chapter:She is too flat.
Lu Haokai:“Row,tomorrow morning9point,In the past。”
Gu An’an hangs a phone,Feeling。
She is full of joy waiting for the arrival of tomorrow morning.。
She didn’t think of her dreams.,Lu Haokai promised her to receive the certificate in advance。
suddenly,Her phone rang again,Gu Anan is a look at Xiao Ruo,Fright,Some don’t want to answer the phone,Not accept,Xiao Ruo will http://www.banyn.cn also play,She is more understanding in her heart.,Xiao Ruo why does this call?。
She takes a deep breath,Rational,Still。
“Gu Anan,You are killed.,What should you do now??It is now blocked by the company.,My life is over.,What do you make me??Various contract,Let me debt,I can’t live now.。”
Gu An’an Road:“How do I know what to do??Who let you send a photo??That is Lu Haozheng,You don’t have a concert。Don’t you know what’s the means??”
Xiao Ruoyu:“How do I know that I will be seen by him??”
Gu An An cold laugh:“Xiao Ruoyu,Your brain is really simple.,You have to match the picture of Blue Xin,Match your own map,How can Lu Hao Cheng have let you,you need to know,In addition to financial reports,He has never had a rumor with any woman.,I don’t dare to have any woman to take his heat.,And you have made this make each other,Can I blame one foot on the mine??”
Gu Anan blunt,She has done it,There is reason to refute Xiao Ruoyu。
Last staircase event,It is her stuff。
Xiao Ruoyu:“Gu Anan,no,This time you have to help me.,I am kicked out of the entertainment circle,How do you let me live?。”
Gu Anan’s eyes have a touch of virulence,She is now unfastened now.,I also manage her life.。
she says:“Xiao Ruoyu,You ask me to see Lu Hao Cheng,He solved all your questions in a word.。”
Xiao Ruozhen also smiled:“Gu Anan,This thing is that you make me do this.,If I tell Lu Haocheng this matter,So,Lu Haozheng will also put over to deal with you?”