He shakes his head to Gao Bao:“You don’t have to http://www.zyfpay.cn guess,Last selected prince,A certain high,There will be no second person。”

“Because the back of the queen is behind Li Jia’s back,Also standing with Lijia。We will not let this happen,There are enough lessons.。The problem is you,There is also the goddess of you.,Six towns who don’t play?”
Li Zuli asked a question of testing soul,This is also the problem that Gao Bo Yi has been worried.。
“I have to fight,Where do I choose??”
Gao Bao shook his head smiles。
He is telling the truth。Six Town Xianbei’s battle,As long as it is a head of the head,Can’t get bigger in this kind of thing。
Then Gao Biyi saw Li Zuli stood up,Going to himself。
“Li Jia is Li Jia,I am me。Our idea is not exactly the same time.,For example, I have to marry Van Tan to the Rob World.,I will not be the same as Li Jia’s opinion.。
http://www.allwcm.cn but,to some extent,I can affect Li Jia people’s ideas,This truth,do you understand?
Just told you,Just Li Jia’s view。”
Li Zuli continued to say with mysterious smile:“So,Do you want to hear my personal ideas??”
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Li Jia’s idea?your thoughts?
Gao Bao felt that his father-in-law,It seems that I think a little more。But listen to always nothing.?
“What do I doing my father-in-law?,Can be prominent。”
Gao Bao。
“Chaos,There are soldiers and horses are the grass king。Although everyone is not,But in fact,son,Soldier strong horse strong,This truth,do you understand?”
Li Zuli is a wine glass,Leisurely a bit of wine。
Gao Bo Yi also drunk a wine glass,really,The taste is better than the wine before the banquet.。and,What is better than a good wine than the high ocean?。
“Father, the father-in-law is very。”
“right,In fact, I think so.。
If it is a high performance,If it is a Takaronyl or a high-rise,Most small national doubts,Below,Such as you,Why will you listen to a child??”
Li Zuli smiled at Gao Baoyi,A word of one word:“I think,that time,You either be removed,Either,Mug high,Ourselves。
Do you think I am right??My good son-in-law。”
If it is a general person,Gao Biyi has long prompted.。But face the old man of Li Tan,He is really no lie。
Homptation,May not do it later。
Listen to a children’s hand painting,Learn Zhuge Liang, when the power of the people。
Do not exist,He wants to do it.。
“Located,It’s so awesome,Since ancient times。婿 葛 武 侯,It’s also a lot of Zhuge Wuhou.,Father, the father is really high.。”
Gao Bao shook his head smiles。
“You can don’t be modest.。”