“Your dad, your mother peeks behind the wall.……”Narrate。

Su Xiaodue suddenly haressed,Immediately release,“They,They……Really……let’s go,Don’t care about them。”
After the end,I ran down in the summer.。
First2274Chapter Water is very deep
Su Xiaoyue sent to the foot of Xishan summer。
And in the summer, I sent her back.。
The two eventually separated。
For summer,Su Xiaoxiao pays so much,He to visit two old people should be。
Come to Su Xiaoxue,Summer can come,The heart is very happy and satisfied.。
Even afraid of the summer to inform him,Will go back to the capital overnight,She has no dissatisfaction and complaints。
This may be the power of love.,No matter how men and women,In love,Will think about the other party。
Even many people love is humble。
Su Xiao is so。
Only because of Xia Xue,Do not hesitate to go back to the country to go to the capital of the capital,change yourself,Efforts to learn and adapt。
All,Her chance to meet in the summer,Although a higher status,Also http://www.51tixing.cn become the existence of others。
But Xiao Xiao,Original intention。
As long as you think,Everything you do,Can help summer……She is very satisfied with satisfaction。
Summer re-Upper Xishan,Walk alone in the street。
People in Qinghai are still immersed in the joy of the festival.,There are not many pedestrians on the street.。
Below,Summer is unimpedy,Drawn shadow under the moonlight map,Quite a little longer taste。
There is no longer before his look, it doesn’t care.,Instead, it is dignified and meditation.。
In fact, these days,He has been thinking about the incident on Sansha City。
A lot of information that has been revealed,I have to let people think。
Somewress!What kind of secret is they guarded?。
And the light seems to be very interested in that secret。
There are also law enforcers。
http://www.diaoyiwang.cn What is the legal?
Who gives them the right。
They above,Is there a mysterious and huge power??
For him,Jun Lin,Rush,All enemies。
But in that great forces,This is just a historical interception and fragment.。
It’s holy war,A law enforcement has a ambition,Acceptive,Turkey kills a large group of antiques。
After that he was abolished martial arts,The result was cured by the law enforcement.,And let it work more on the first floor。