“You always want to talk about the ins and outs of it,I am so silly with you all the way,In case went to the white equivalent to how to do?”

Gao Bao over the white eyes,Of circumstance,Heroes do not eat immediate loss,Villain revenge from morning to night these thoughts flashed in my mind and over,He finally counsels。
Probably I think there are so high Bo Yi put some truth,Biyun Yi pulled him to a bedroom,Carefully closed the door,To speak for fear of being content to listen to。
“Speaking about it,Have a great relationship with you。”
Biyun Yi stern,Meaning there is no point kidding。
“How to say?”
I’m reading less,You can not fool me!
High Bo Yi did not eat this set Ruthless,When police interrogation,Almost all will give you a great set of charges!For example“Collusion Jiangyangdadao,Mount”some type of,Then you talk to slowly deal。
But his past life psychologist studio……Assistant wow!
“Last supreme court in prison,You get reminders,We follow it,We caught some people involved in arson Inn。You have to guess with the same,These people are high Huan’s henchmen,It also includes a Captain of the Army Old Guard,But they also act accordingly,I do not know too many details。”
Biyun Yi hear the words,Bo Yi nodded high,There is no expression:“So don’t you take a victory or hurry??”
This kind of thing involves the royal family,Is it possible to say clearly, not a two sentences?。How to dispose,That’s all the meaning of Wen Xuan Emperor。Gao Biyi does not understand what you will do it.。
“these people,Almost consistent。On the same day,There is a person who claims to be high,With his own confidence,Contact these people in the station,Incident,So I found some green skin help.,Finally, didn’t work。
Just that the key person responsible for contact,I haven’t found it now.。”
Bi Yunyi sighed,The current situation is very embarrassing。Captured is the high claw tooth without fake,It’s just that there is a prince’s claw tooth http://www.jiuxiyangsheng.cn everywhere.,This is not a secret at all。
This is not a matter of high concern to want foreign。
The problem is,High-spirited claw teeth,It is very likely to hear a letter.“Counterfeit”Instruction,I went to do this stupid thing.。Until“Counterfeit”Is the people of the West Wei,Still being detached,This is not clear.,Anyway, I didn’t find it.。
Two days ago report this kind of speechless results to the high ocean,That bit“Hero emperor”,Anger again,Pulling the sword chases the Yunyi chop,It’s a few hundred meters to stop.!
He is almost liver and gentle!
Originally Bi Yunyi is anomaly,result,Song Zi Xian sent him a gift。
Song Zixian kills a group of people in the North City of the North City,More than a dozen people are in the street,The government cannot naturally。The nerve end is sensitive to Bi Yunyi to explode,Hurry http://www.51tixing.cn to go to the scene,This check,Really find out some problems。
When I tried to ask the Zhao Siye,There are three people who have a ghosty caused Bi Yunyi’s attention.。When you ask them,The three people are not right.,Unlike a local person,And still speaking。
Ning better to kill one thousand,I don’t want to let a biyunyi will grab these three people back to Tuen Mun.,As a result, I found the iron name of the West Wei delta.!
Strike the iron shoes,I have to come to the family!
Just here Gao Baoyi or does not understand what is related to himself?。
Later, it is almost Liu Yunyi, the clouds of Liu,Interrogation,The other party is the right mouth, such as a bottle,And these people are actually useless!
Use,These three people reflect the general fainting。As a two,Now the physical condition has been relatively http://www.ailianhe.cn poor,It is really no longer sentenced.。
Bi Yunyi is a cool,Dealing with North Qi official is a good hand,But deal with hostile,He has no experience.!And these people’s anti-person evolution,That is the official, far more than。
Just when he is anxious as the ants on the hot pot,There is a joy in the mind.。
Gao Baoyi!
Bi Yunyi remembered Gao Baoyi against himself“Assault trial”Time calm,It’s almost made that I have to come back.!And the other party is at all, there is more than a long time.,Even the army can be reversed。
So I have this scene now.。
“Three West Wei(Northweight)Rape?”Gao Baoyi asked。
“Can you not go??”Gao Biyi asked。
“What do you think?”
“Ten hanging money,Do not charge,Grouse,Agree。”
Ten hanging money is so expensive!
You must know that the rice price of Yucheng is alone.90money!Ten hanging money can buy one hundred stone rice!