Jane to see the sky while sighing:“Rainbow is no longer。”

“But the sun is coming out.。”Circumference。
“Come up。”Nan Ge http://www.yindasmf.cn shouted。
“I do not。”
“Come up and I am sitting。”
“Do not。”
Zhou looked at the pedestrian looking around,I looked up and saw Nan Ge.——How high is this stone platform?,Still write a word,He really can’t climb up in the eyes of many people.。
Nan Ge continued to urge:“Don’t worry,Let them look at it.,How to see you too much meat!hurry up!”
After five seconds。
Zhou Zhihe side by side,Look from afar。
Nan Ge smiled:“Is it a different perspective??”
Shitai does not say high。However, this place is better.,There are a lot of ornamental small trees。The sight is covered by the small trees.,Sitting,Depending on the treetops of these small trees,Directly to the winding river。
Black cloud has been dial,The sunset is shining on the river,Refers to a faint red。
Bridge on the bridge。http://www.paulight.cn
This is the trace flowing in this small city.。
“How do you usually send time when you are bored at home??”Nan Ge said with his feet.,“Will the scriptures and read books??”
“I have learned the carvings recently.。”
“Why do you suddenly learn to engrave??”
“Because I recently exposed http://www.shiliuzhuang.cnto a spell,Need to have a high engraving ability。”Zhou I want to think,Carefully explain,“Learn to sculpt a stone lion,It can live。”
“So you now……”
“I have carved a few spoons recently.。”Zhou said to touch the prostlet,“I have brought you a,Carving the best。”
“Can it go to my own rice??”
“Can not。”
“What can I do??”
Zhou handed over the spoon to her。
This spoon is made of walnut.,Shape,Toon handle,No carvings,He has not yet the level。But he has tried to make the shape of the spoon more beautiful.。
Nange passed,Careful weight,Very happy to enter your pocket:“I will go back to supply it.。”
This sentence makes the Zhou feel familiar。
“Carving is fun??”