No matter in summer, http://www.shanqinwang.cn Feng Tianpeng can see it.。

The other party is not Huaxia。
After seeing the summer and Feng Tianpeng,The man nodded again.,A big step。
This is a negative shape.,A man who is also very ordinary,About 3s years old,There is no surprise in the upper and lower things.。
Only a pair of eyes are out of light。
His eyes swept a circle in two people,It’s so fast to fall in the summer。
即 一 强 强 中 中 中,“You are the summer.。”
Between his language,I haven’t talked to Su Xiaoxiao before.。
微 扬 下 下,It seems that there is a milesty pride and superior sense。
“I am summer,Is there something??”Summer faint inquiry。
“The embarrassment of the embarrassment,From the island country,Mr. Xia,I came to China this time.,I want to challenge you。”
“No interest。”
Summer said a word,Walking towards Su Xiao Xiao。http://www.newbienews.cn
“Mr. Xia,A man,Shouldn’t you accept challenges??”
The voice of the role is a proud of it.,“One of the nine big hegens in the ground world,Is it true that the wave is wrong??”
Summer figure slightly stuck,Obliquely,“Do you know that I am a nine hegemon?,Then you should know more,Not anyone eligible to challenge me。”
Not afraid of fear。
But come over these years,Summer has encountered too much similar situation in foreign countries,People who are annoying。
Moreover,In front of this island country, although it is strong,But when the eyes are deep, they will flash their silk.。
If the other party is coming to the revenge,Big can do it on the spot,Both sides do not die。
And so-called challenge,He is not interested。
A trace of interest。
The hole is full of faces.,“Mr. Xia,My name is a river。”x8
“In our island,Never dare to refuse my challenge。”
Summer is too lazy to pay attention,Continue to go forward,“Unfortunately, here is Huaxia,Not your island country。”
Behind it。
It is the right foot of the river.,Floor tile。
At the same time,A horrible killing is completely released from his body.,“Mr. Xia,I didn’t expect you to be a coward.。”
His mouth pulled out a mealic,Flashing a touch of virus in your eyes,“If you don’t accept my challenge,The beautiful lady is only dangerous.。”