what,These things,Is all lucky??

this matter,It’s not that everyone is very unexpected.。
This,These warriors of these Wars have come back to God,Have a praise。
“It is a header?,Actually so easy,I solved this matter.。”
“Yes,Say something wrong,And the header is now,Actually still such modest。”
“This is of course,It is because of this,So this is now very worth learning.。”
This,With these people,I didn’t forget to say it in front of my eyes.。
at this point,For the current,It’s even more no doubt。
In front of Shen Xuan,Surroundings,The more you look, the more it feels very surprised.。
These things,Completely let people not。
But waiting for them to brush it.,The more like this,In fact, treat this,The hearts of everyone have a bit of a bit.。
At this time,Su Yuhong looked at Shen Xuan,Asked the next consciousness。
“Leader,Let’s follow,How to do?”
Warrior of other war temple,Also the same。
actually,If it is,Then they will feel,It seems to have a lot of things to do。
But since I followed Shen Xuan’s side,This is to make their hearts feel a feeling.。
seem,It seems that sudden suddenly,I don’t know what to do.。
so now,This will lead to,Such things happen。
And Shen Xuan,It’s slightly slightly.。
“Now,The two major http://www.chadegushi.cn families of the second echelon,Already solved a lot。”
“correct,Shaojia’s side?”
even though,Before going to Shaojia。
But Shen Xuan,In fact, I didn’t completely solve it.。
so now,This is the point that Shen Xuan is very trying to know.。
And with Shen Xuan’s words,Huang Yue’s consciousness。
“them,Isn’t we solved it??”
other people,Also think so。
Could it be that,Is it Shen Xixuan??
if not,How can it become now??
Before you,With these people,Also here is slowly pondering about this matter。
This,Shen Xuan’s line of sight falls in front of him,Whole person’s mouth,It’s even a touch of smile.。
“In fact,Shaojia has not been completely solved。”
“so now,Shaojia will definitely start with us。”
When Shen Xuan’s words say,This is an excitement that makes people around those people.。http://www.daogd.cn