Her delivery with Chushan River,Very clear the ability of Chushan River。

only,After listening to this sentence,The Chushan River is bitter smile.,There is no one thousand miles,At the beginning of the ghost valley,In order to deal with the beefs that are stareful,All the aquamics on me,All are swallowed by this life。
Toned,Also,if not,When the last time,I have long gave it a kind of ghost that I didn’t know the ghost.。
Summer is also attached to the side,Confirmed that the Chu Shanhe said。
Narrate,Xia Jiu Jing is only slightly stunned,Not too disappointing。
Under her experience,I have already arrived in Taishan to collapse before。
Time to live。She nodded,Eye flashes a wipe,Then let them live more time。
After the end,She revealed this topic,That is really strong.,However, if it is alone,I can also live him live.,But this is not important,What is important is his means。
Her eyes swept over the summer and the Chushan River,Whether it is the kind of toughness,Still itself,Both a disaster,Today is just his one,If you promote it in the future,Definitely make up for the short board,Even if the ancient worship is worn on,Can also seize the opportunity,Reverse,Well。
The face of the Chushan River is lifting,And related to the gods?
Xia Jiu said nodded,I shaken my head again.,Let it go,Let’s leave here……I have confirmed by Martin before.,And I have long known,That kind of belly,Biobio,Martin said it was developed by him.,Only this set in the world,Now it seems,The water of the gods is still very deep……
Three people have not stopped,Side,Leaving this place。
After the outside,I have not stopped,Didn’t go to the Ninth Five-Year Club,It is like walking on the street.。
finally,What did Xiajiu still thinks?,Looking over summer,Xiao Tian,I am careful this time.,Even afraid that the world and Wang Xiong tyrann,Don’t care,correct,If there is time,Go to investigate a woman named Whisha。
Summer is really wrong,Bai Shasha?Jinmen White?Jin Airor’s unmarried wife?
Right,It’s her.。Xia Jiujing,Lingtian underground,Said Wang Xiongiba and Bai Shasha,Is it true?,I don’t know。
Summer eyes are flashing,Narrow,I am also suspecting her.,Hey,Sure enough, no peace!
You also doubt her?Summer is a bit surprised。
Summer deep spit out a sigh,During this time,White Sasso combined with Southwest Zhang family has been targeting Baihua Group……
He http://www.hzyjhwhz.cn puts the edges from roughly.。
Finally,I am also like a light flash to think of this layer.,after all,They do this,Fundamental,No need,Why can’t I 奈 百花 集,Can’t shake the foundation,But they have never given up,If it is dare to use the tradition,Unfair rule,I naturally buoke,Then they will be more thorough,No slightest。
Toned,Swift,unless,If I am dead,They don’t have to be taboo.,So I think of Wang Temple。
Listening to his analysis,On the side of the Chushan River mouth shake,Look at the summer like a demon look。
This can contact both,Sometimes I really don’t understand,How is the summer of the summer?。
Ha ha。
Xia Jiu is like a man, but the man is so cool.,Full of gratifying,It is my son。
She took the shoulders of summer,Xiao Tian,You go back.,I am with your teacher’s business.。
Summer open mouth,Do you go home together??
Summer,Whisper,I also http://www.sxshengshi.cn want to stay around you.,But I am afraid of a long time.,I can’t leave.,if that’s the case,I will have a lot of weaknesses exposed outside.,I can’t even appear in the mortification.……Xiao Tian,I hope you understand,I still have something to do.,most of the time,Not me not,Others can let me let me,Because it is here,It is their blocking stone……You have also experienced a lot,Can you understand what I mean?。
Summocks nodded,Also,We can carry together,you are outside,Me……
I am back.,Will pick up everything。Xia Jiuqiqiao,You are mainly doing now,One is more accompanying a child,Second,You work hard to improve your strength,There will always be one day to help me.。
Summer mouth,I have a weak sense of my heart。
He is already trying to practice,Nowadays I have reached 凡,Can still be helpful。
I seem to have an inner heart,Xia Jiujing,Don’t think more,Our mother is a dark,It is the best way.,You are in mind,Even more dangerous than me,Sometimes you will become a bait,Do you understand?
Summer is looking at nodded,I have grinded half of a long time to leave.。
Did it completely disappear until his figure,Summer,Big brother,Many years,Let’s find a place to drink。