“Congratulations!”Lin Feng and Hong Hai have also laughed over。

Zu Qinglong heard a little bit,Then I came to Lin Feng’s authentic.:“Kindness without saying thanks,I started to join the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce today.,Wanzhu。”
“Ha ha,Ancestor,Get up,Welcome to join the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce。”Lin Feng Wen Yan Haha smiled,Panic out to help the ancestors。
“Thank you for your president.。”Zu Qinglong laughs。
“You go to God of God.,Responsible for making money。”Lin Feng smiled and nodded。
“it is good!”Zu Qinglong heard a little bit。
“senior,First rinse,What style of clothes do you need?,I am going to make people customize。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“This is no need.,My clothes have brought。”Zu Qinglong nodded,Immediately turn to the faucet。
“President,The secret of this drug is too important.。”Hong Hai suddenly looked down:“Never leak,Otherwise, causing a big disaster,Even the great forces such as Tiannan will also attract the disaster of the door.。”
“good,President。”Black and white hand is also a look:“After all, this water is cultivated as a magical role.,It is a peerless secret。”
“I know,So this medicine is outside the person who has been trusted.,Others can’t use。”Lin Feng pensive and explained。
“That’s good。”Black and Hand and Honghai have nodded。
“There is also a thing that needs to be done at night.。”Lin Feng suddenly remembered Qin Ba’s things.,This thing you can’t do it.,Must have a black and Hand and Hong Hai.。
“Big brother,Awkward,Tangible。”Hong Hai laughs。
“Here is a police station to adjust the director,It is my enemy,I originally want to spend money.,But after all, this man official background,I want to take this person.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“This kind of good office,Just collect some evidence,Let him。”Hong Hai directly:“Or let this person flow out some indecent video,It will be all right,This thing is handed over to me.,I am in the line。”
“it is good,Since you have handled this matter。”Lin Feng heard the thoughts,After all, Hong Hai took it for many years in the rivers and lakes.。
“I am with him.,I haven’t done such a thing for a long time.。”Black and white hand smiles,He is also the old man who fights for decades on the rivers and lakes.。
Do not kill,I only look for some evidence or indecent things.,too easy。
“I also walk.。”Just at this time, the ancestral gap is coming over.,The ancestral Qinglong has been replaced with a cyan windbreaker.,His face,The whole person is full of vitality,Hypertrophy,Where is the previous decline。
Especially the big hands,It’s like a blade.,His palm is holding a flying knife,This is the unique soldiers of Zu Qinglong。
More than ten years ago, a generation of Southeast Asia,Holy knife,Attack power is not necessarily,Almost invincible in the same order,However, more amazing is his engraving achievement,This also covers his peerless knife。
“Ha ha,it is good!”Black and white hand heard the laughter:“When you miss younger,Today, take a small sea.。”
“Uncle,There is another thing,The big brother of the Huaxing Society of China, the city of China,I used to count the big brother,Do you want to go to Huaxing Society?。”At this time, Huang Mao said。
“Yes,This account must be counted。”The voice of the two tiger also passed:“I dare to be arrogant this time.。”
“This matter?Must take a trip。”Black and white hand he wrote frown,He knows that Lin Feng is still a lot in the enemy of Zhongzhou.。
“I also know this,Let’s take a look at it.。”Hong Hai laughs:“Solve this,How big brother is underground?”
“it is good,Shoot by your three masters,Tasty。”Lin Feng sorrows,indeed,Everyone in the three masters can be flying and flying.,What’s more, flying is now hurt?。
Black and white hand,Hong Hai,Zuqinglong three people heard a smile。
After Lin Feng,Black and white hand,Hong Hai,Zu http://www.ks-terminals.cn Qinglong,Two tigers and others put a table,Wash the ancestors,I have been in the evening.,Cell in the cater,Drive to Huaxing Society。
China Prefecture Huaxing Social Headquarters。
Huaxing Building。
6building606In the room,Decoration here is very simple,House in the house,Have water,Small fish swimming,A golden python wanders in the stream,The whole room appears to be cold,Men in a black chair lying on a black woolen coat。
Man with broken,Fang Zheng face,With the gas,His eyes are extremely sharp,Bright,It seems that the inner heart of the cave is exactly。
Standing two men in front of the big flight,One of them is a big army in Zhongzhou City.,Another black dress,This person has a long figure,Faceless,Double eyes are deep,This person is the gun god wolf in Zhongzhou City。
“Lin Feng came back?”Daddy faint road,His http://www.haixingsujiao.cn face is white。
“came back,Not only coming back,He is a title of gambling.。”Wolf sighs:“I am afraid that it is not so easy to deal with him.。”
“Qin family people?”The big faintly asked。
“The people in Qin don’t know this.,In fact, if we don’t send people to explore,It is also impossible to get this message.。”Big military。