She let Luhao Cheng go back to,Put onnfProducts directly to find Miss Li apologize。

Lu Haozheng is a hundred unassays,I have to follow her.。
Let the right to send music。
Helpless,I can only let him go with yourself.。
Half an hour later,Lu Haozheng parked the car in front of a two-story young building。
The Journey has been in advance of Miss Li.,After two people get off,Gift,Blue Xin put the doorbell。
The door opened very quickly,Open the girl is very clear,A show behind the shoulders,Melon face,White and innocent skin,Just the pair of clear pupils,Bright and faint sadness。
Plaid wool coat,Fashion and mature,Blue Xin recognized,This is the new model she designed this year.,Very suitable for her。
Blue Xinye laughed at her:“Miss Li,Hello,I am Blue Xin,This is my husband Lu Hao Cheng。”
Li Weiyun is indifferent to their husband and wife two,Nodded:“Please!”
Two words that are indifferent,Unfortunate。
Blue Xin looks at her back,very lonely,Make a frostless decadent。
Li Weiyun took them to the hall,随意的坐在沙发上,低着头,也没有看陆浩成和蓝欣。
她几乎可以肯定,这女孩没有什么朋友,She is very lonely。
I went to the mall that day.,Only she is alone。
Generally, go out to visit,Many girls will pull their friends together.。
“Name is very good,I also like cats,But I took three children.,I have not yet raised,Move this hobby to the flower grass,Mi is very spiritual,Sincere being more than people,Take one by one,Just like family and friends。”
“Yes,You have three children,It is really not convenient to raise,Give http://www.oppjo.cn it a bath every day.,It is very troublesome,Can’t take care of it,It is better not to raise。”