Waiting this moment!

However, the problem at this time,That scene with the expected,It is completely different。
“This matter,Your unliked,no matter who,Minacheng will follow the order。”
High ocean stopped,Skewers:“I have already goddened with the queen.,I plan to waste,After the session。certainly,after a while,I will take the group to the Taishan Fengchan.,Laroni on the spot is a prince。
Go back to the city,Mother is expensive,Ai Qing felt how?”
Duan Yucheng lived,It’s completely not expected to make such a choice.!
This is not common.!If it is a high ocean, I don’t know that it is a class of people to kill.,I think so, I don’t have to implement it.。
And today’s things have been defeated,How high ocean will give the throne to the family of murderer?
This is a big drama.?
“how?Ai Qing doesn’t seem to be very happy?Could it be a sister??”
Gao Yangzhi asked。
“Thank you for your love,Miniachen is very fearful!”
“Fear is right,You have to go up,It is also necessary to wait for http://www.qqhld.cn Gaeloni to be the prince.。You don’t go back to Yucheng.,I need you to defend the King of the Longshan.!朕 this brother,It’s stared at the position of the Prince.。”
“Please rest assured,Weichen will definitely die.!”
Section,Directly puminate three heads directly。
“Um,okay,Go ahead。Those rumors outside,朕 朕 only,Aiqing wants more。Taishan Fengchan,Also, Aiqing is especially guarded.。”
Higher ocean warmth comfort segment。
Section of Shaojun is gone,The head is happy,The happiness that is completely reduced.。
Waiting for him,Gao Yang is called the eunuch,Ambient:“Give you a dress,Preparation gift。朕 外甥 甥甥,I want to give gifts。”
NS607chapter Negatives
Since ancient times,Chinese banquet guest,Eat it never food,But human condition。
Cabbage on the banquet,Also part of the human condition,And http://www.wangxuqing.cn it is part of the very second。The reason why it is also part of human feelings,It is because of the relative quality of the wine.,It can indicate that the owner’s attitude towards the guest。
For guests,Two functions of mouth,Talk and dinner,In this occasion,The former is more important than the latter。
If you don’t eat, you can go home and then make。
There should be no one on the banquet,No words,,How do you make up??
The House of the Bohai Great Lord tonight tonight,Poster water in the house,Not only do Gao Baoyi can come in and open the belly,And around neighbors,Even the jumps on the street can come in a piece of one。
As long as they dare to come in。