She also slows moving the line of sight,Walking http://www.igaoer.cn with Lu Hao’s food area not far away.。

“You look,Isn’t that land??
I have never seen him take a woman with a woman.,How to take a woman tonight??”
“It’s him,This land,It is now known as Hech’s famous people in Jiangyou’s rising list.,The woman in Jiangyou is crazy for him.,Today, the miracle is coming with a female companion.,This is not a woman who dreams all day.,Dream is broken??”
“woo woo woo woo!Really handsome!I think about the woman standing around him is me.。”
There are a few women standing on a side, looking at Blue Xin and Lu Hao’s back.。
“Walk away,In the past。”
Woman wearing blue dress,Hoot。
“Walk away,In the past。”
Several women walked together。
Here,Lu Haocheng greets with the people who knows and knows.,Blue Xin also felt a beautiful man feast instantly.。
This is the first http://www.aintron.cn time,Lu Haocheng introduced to them to understand。
A man wearing a black suit,Long,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng’s smile,“Continental,I still saw you with a woman.。”
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin with a look,Look,“Yao,What is so strange??”
Yao Jun smiled:“This is too strange, Does the land have not found,Do you look at you in a strange look??”
Blue Xin listen this,I saw a look at the four weeks.,Surrounding people,Most of the eyes are invested in her and Lu Haozheng.,She looks calmly,Mood calm。
She is just with Lu Hao,Not to do what you see,Everything can be paid。
Lu Haocheng Road:“Yao,You。”
Say,Leave it with Blue Xin with no expression。
Lu Hao took Blue Xin to a place where the window was sitting down.,Sit here,You can see the brilliant Chenshen Hotel。
That brilliant neon light,Chen Yu Hotel two words,Let Lantax smile slightly。
Lu Haocheng also looked at the window.,Look wholly in her ear:“Blue,Sitting here waiting for me to come back,I don’t want to go?”
Blue Xin’s eyebrows look at him,Laugh:“Lu Hao Cheng,Are you so overbearing??
What can I do if I want to go to the bathroom??”
Lu Haocheng is black and a smile,Look wholly in her ear:“I also accompany you.!”
Blue Xin:“”Transient petrochemical!She looked at Lu Haozheng with her eyes.,This Lu Haochong is simply a magic.。
Lu Haicheng does not feel anything wrong with,This little girl is sad when it is small.,What did he have done?。
“I will give you something you like to eat.,I am sitting here. Don’t move,I will come back soon.。”
Lu Haocheng looked here,Some of the lights here,Some hidden,Here he feels good。
Several women in the distance looked intimate interaction between two people,Jealousy and excited。
Blue Xin leaving Lu Haozheng,Light recovers a lot,She has returned to God.,The mouth is slightly pulled.,She was blocked by Lu Haozheng.。
Blue Xin low-looking mobile phone,Suddenly I saw Le Yu sent a message in the WeChat group of them.。
“I heard that you have participated in the dinner tonight.,Does anyone think of me who has just returned to China.?”
Blue Xin laughs,Back a sentence:“Gather,Will you come?”
Le Yu:“Blue,come here,I guarantee that you don’t hit you.。”
Blue Xin slightly tick the lips:“Gather,I love you!”
Le Yu:“”Le Zhenxi also jumped out,“Blue,I also said to me again.。”
Blue Xin:“”She lifted,I saw a look at the four weeks.,I didn’t see Le Zhenxi.,This kid,Just saw him??
but,He is also very busy tonight,His exhibition,There are always many people。
She laughed back to the information:“熙,Don’t make trouble。”