Angus glanced at them,Did not speak,The expression on his face is a bit bad。Flew http://www.banyn.cn straight back to the 16th floor of the Tomb of the Gods。

Long after Angus left this layer,Wright and Cecilia breathed a sigh of relief。
“Wright,Is that guy gone”Cecilia’s consciousness is not enough to sweep this level,Somewhat http://www.szkssk.cn afraid to ask Wright。
“gone,Sure is gone。But Cecilia,I think we’d better go back to the upper level first。。。The strength of this guy,I’m afraid we can’t match it。Fortunately, he didn’t use the soul attack method on you。”
“Yes,Fortunately!”Cecilia knows too,The opponent’s soul can’t stop him from attacking。
“I said,Leah, let’s go back to the upper two floors。”Wright is also a little helpless,Since the opponent is a higher god,Naturally cannot enter the thirteenth floor,Then it’s safe。”
“I really don’t know why he attacked us,But to avoid trouble,Let’s go back to the 13th floor first!”Cecilia also nodded in http://www.yihaoled.cn agreement。
The two packed up the body of the Frost Sword Apostle and the space ring,Left quickly
A few minutes later,In the eyes of Lord Melville and the ten middle gods on the fourteenth floor,Wright and Cecilia returned directly to the thirteenth night world。
The 13th floor of the Tomb of the Gods,In the night world。
“Those two monster-level gods are back to our level!”
“Ruined,Lord Blood God was killed by him last time,Are you going to kill us all?!”
“I’m going to get rid of it last time。”
“I regretted it so I came back to our level。”