But now it looks,Wei Yuyan completely understands。

“Little brother,Really amazing,Is it just that we reached the end so soon??”
Wang Teng nodded,then,Just wait。
As for other things,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,On the contrary, there is no need to toss on。
But the more you think like this,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,till this moment,Still have to wait and see。
“these people,Wouldn’t it depend on my five http://www.yiefa.cn million to not http://www.local-alliance.cn give??”
at this http://www.fjmszx.cn time,Those who followed,All shocked。
“Oh my god,This speed,It’s too fast。”
“How could this be just fast to describe,It’s very fast。”
“So fast,Before,Who can think of it?”
at this time,Meng Youzhi suddenly regretted it。
If I knew the other party was so good,Then Meng Youzhi would not do this。
Up to now,He’s still confused,I think I’m great。
The result now,But found out,Someone outside。