After a while,Situ Ying is not a smile。

“A bit of meaning,But now,In fact, all this is all,It is not enough.。”
“So,Short shipment,Yin Jia,I looked at it.,Some are more annoying。”
Situ Ying put his hand in front of him,Don’t mention it。
In the face of Situ Ying,Surroundings,It is completely indistries.,Quickly arrive quickly in front of you。
After all, this is next.,For them,It’s http://www.shadoweffect.cn a matter of things that you can do.。
So their hearts are deep,For such things,In fact itself,Already concluded。
“all in all,Now in the case,Yin Jia,Want to get it。”
Situ Ying is such a thing,Poor is quite interested。
And the people around her,See this scene,It is also the way to initiate http://www.damingweinasi.cn an impact forward.。
After all, this thing is,In fact, for them,Also getting more excited。
Yin family here,Not long,It is not aware of the situation.。
After all, there are so many people here.,Even if it is dull,I know what is going on.。
Chapter 757, they are not a Hall of War
“Housekeeper,Great event,Someone is coming outside。”
at this time,Then someone is hot.,Report this news。
When you hear it,Yin Ce at this time,It is a browning slightly frowned。
“did not expect,Shen Xuan them,I am finally here.。”
“Since http://www.en10216.cn this,So let’s everyone,Still a quick counter!”
When Yin Cheng looked at the front,It is not forgotten to say this.。
And with Yin Ce’s words,This is the person around you,Slightly shake the head。
“Housekeeper,them,Not a war hall。”
what,Not a war hall,What else can you??
Even Yin Polic,Now now,I suddenly suddenly didn’t know.,What should I say something better?。
But in front of you,When Yin Cheng looked at him,Yin Gui’s heart,It is more or less curious and unsubstably。
“Not a war hall,What can it??”
at this point,Yin Gui still feels very curious。
then,Yin Gu is directly here to,I plan to find out。
but,When Yin Ce is in front of him,After seeing it carefully,For the current,In fact, Yin Ce is deep,Still, the more you feel that some can’t believe。
“This,Actually a shadow?”
When Yin Ce is seen here,I will recognize it immediately.。
After all, I want to be the original,Yin Jia can suppress these people with a very strong means。