When Poetry is aware of Blue Qiqi,I know that she is a very talented person.。

Every works are all ingenious.,Every time I see her painting,Will let her immerse it in it unable to。
“How can there be no matter?,I will be very busy next.,But busy,All things must be careful,Keep normal progress。”
“Good,Kiki,You can rest assured 。http://www.szjiwjyybwlxjo.cn
Laqi laughs,“I am very assured to you.。”
Blue Qiqi finished,The phone on the table rang,“I took a call.。”
Poetry hifts the information。
Lan Qi looked at an electrical display,Laughing:“Father,How do you have time to call me??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Small cotton jacket,Go to the Jiangyu Hotel to eat at night,You are coming back.,Want to eat rice, big restaurant。”
Blue Qiqi slightly,“Blueness is actually coming back.,When is it??”
Lu Hao Cheng correct her:“Your two brother ,Just arrived,Sitting in my office,Is holding your mother to complain?。”
Blue Qiqi can think of Blue Mother, a while, a motor, a while。
“Know,But he came back and suddenly。”
Blue Qiqi looked at the desk calendar on the desk.,At the end of April,Blue sneak is not said that he only returned to China in September??
http://www.365meiling.cn“Father,I discuss something with you.。”
“Don’t say,I know what you want to say.,Impossible,I can’t agree,Hang up。”
Blue Qiqi:“.”“Hoot”Blue and Blue Qiki can’t cry on the table,Holding a desk,Sickle。
Blue sorrow, the little rogue is back.,Her days didn’t have anything else。
No mother loves to love morning and evening,Because Blue Laqever is very sticky from small to most。
As long as she is present,Brothers and sisters are not to raise。
Han Yuxuan came to her.,I saw her like this.。
He is eyebrow,Worried about running to her,“Kiki,What happened,Where is it uncomfortable??”
Hear the voice of Han Yuxuan,Blue and Blue Qiji,She quickly came to the body,Looking at Han Yuxuan, she is awkward.。
“Haha.No.Thing,Just a little unexpected,I suddenly returned to China.,The family is even more busy.。”
Han Yuxuan listened,In the heart,“Do you still like you like it??”
Blue 琪 神 蔫蔫,Reddish,Horses:“What haparchers,He wants to be an hour.,That is already thankful.。”
Han Yu Xuan Mini Hook,“Although he lifts with you every day,But in fact, he cares about you.。
”He remembers the time when you go to school.,He went to find Kiki play,Blue son is all the patterns like him.,Let her can’t be too close to Qi Qi,It also won the distance when talking.。
Lan Qi is not denying this,But from a small habit,Someone wins him,Don’t face it when you face。
“Right,Yuxuan,Are you looking for me??”
She converges her emotions,God recovers。
Han Yuxuan thinks that he is here to come here.,“I want to buy coffee.,I want to ask you don’t drink milk tea.。”
http://www.cfjrzc.cn She likes to drink milk tea,And he knows what she likes?,Oat pearl milk tea,Will have a little bit of coconut fruit inside,Can’t be too ice。
“Okay.,Oatmeal tea,Add a little bit of coconut,As long as a little ice。”
She is busy recently,Did not drink milk tea。
Han Yu Xuan’s eyes can not help but,“Good!”
“But why do you want to buy coffee personally?,Is there no office in the office??”
“It may be coffee.,I didn’t find it.。”
Han Yuxuan found a reason to find a reason。