“Ten years have passed。”This shadow muttered:“This step is or not?”

The owner of this body is Lin Feng。
Ten years of time he enlighten the nuclear technology and the chamber of the world,Finally, I have a set of ways.,Among them, the changes in Tianxing also are also from the survey of modern scientific and technological means.。
Whether it is Tolsmu,Krvo is still rich in my mind in my mind.,In the first seven years, Lin Feng completely digested these knowledge.,After three years, I will integrate,Integrate these knowledge to promote such a set of ways。
This set of gates and other laws,The lower boundary is almost the same,Compliance with the same truth。
Even the same time is the same time。
However, from the gods of the same day,Not the same。
Lin Feng is divided into nebula,star,White Star,Zhongxing,Black hole,Chaos six major realms。
However, this six major realm is only the theory,Can be repaired,Lian Lin Feng himself does not know。
Even if you don’t exist,He doesn’t know。
I thought that the role of Lin Feng did out of the corner of the corner.。
“Tall,I have realized this thing for ten years.。”Lin Feng wrote a word,And this thing is different from the realm of the gods.。
In other words, it is thoroughly separated from http://www.yikexi.cn this world’s practice system.。
“Human birth,Non number,I don’t have much more.,I am a lot of me.,Laozi is experimentally。”Lin Feng bites his teeth,After all, it is strong,Prepare to improve this set of manpower。
I immediately got up and went out.,Just just step out a few steps,Standing in the distance,The owner of this body is。
“Maple brother.Do not.Saint!”Yellow mad looking at Lin Feng,Face with worship and awe。
“What the saint!”Lin Feng Wen Yan Yan’s Word:“Your kid is not slow。”
“Hey-hey,Hero。”Yellow madness:“Saint,Please!”
“Bounce,When did God become a saint??Bamboo,You have not eaten wrong medicine.?”Lin Fengnan has a kind of inexplicable feeling。
“Hey-hey,Maple brother,I see,You don’t want to disclose your identity。”Yellow laugh。
“wipe,baffling。”Lin Feng said a sentence。
“Maple brother,There http://www.xjinsuo.cn are two people looking for you outside.。”Rock:“They have something to find you,Tobehm。”
“Tolsmu?it is good!”Lin Feng sorrows:“Let it go!”
“Maple brother,Please!”Rut。
Lin Feng went out when he was immediately,Come to the door of Xuanhuang Tower main tower,Sure enough, the door of the main tower of Xuanhuang Tower stood in Tolsmu,Krevo,There are also four brothers such as demon night songs.。
“I,Dear master, you finally came out.。”Tolsmu is excited to go。
“Owner!”Krivo also smiled and came up.。
“long time no see。”Lin Feng smiled and went up.,Give Tolsmu and Krvo two hugs。
“More than a month。”Krevo laughs:“Owner,this way please,Have important things to talk about。”
“Ok!”Lin Feng heard the words。
“This yellow,Waiting here。”Krow looked at the rhubarm。
“This is fine,Go talk about it.。”Yellow mad smile。
http://www.nchmyy.cn Lin Feng,Tolsmu,Krovo three people go to the distant void,The fairy night song four brothers have also followed。