Not far from,Suddenly came to a security guard,Hand holding flashlight,Take over this side。

Dingme turned,Heart。
School security?
If this thing makes the school know,No, you can’t copy it.。
Just now,what can we do about it?
But Shen Xuan,But laugh:“Security big brother,Is such that,This classmate is anxious to go back to school,It’s just later.。”
“Can you introduce,Let her go in a door?”
Shen Xuan’s words,Let Di Mei have some sweat。
Si Hang University’s security guard,It’s a famous big public.。
Shen Xuan so many words,Just let them open the door,how is this possible?
But the next moment,The security guard nodded:“alright,I don’t seem like a bad person.,That girl,come in。”
“No need to register,Go back to break early。”
http://www.3dzixun.cn Dingmei is a bit of stupid eyes,What situation,Unspeakable,Shen Xuan pays for the big brother to buy the security guard?
Chapter 15 Red Sister Bar,Old classmate complained
Getting Dingmei’s departure,Shenxuan’s heart,Sign a little with such a silky touch。
“strangeness,How is my heart?,Inversely there is a feeling of loss?”
“Could it be that,I regret?”
Shen Xuan’s thinking,otherwise,Let Dingmei come back?
certainly,Such a good thing,Shen Xuan is in any case,Never do it。
but now,Has been ten o’clock,Pack up,It should also go back to rest.。
suddenly,Shen Xuan’s phone rang。
Phone Remarks Name is Cheng Lei,See here,Shen Xuan immediately took up。
Other phones can not pick up,But this Cheng Lei,But Shenxuan University,Relationship is very good。
this late,What do he do it??
Is it borrowing http://www.putao365.cn money??
Before Shen Xuan no money,Perhaps love Mo Can。
but now,Shen Xuan economy is also slowly enormous。
So the tube,Are you affirmed?。
Just look at this,Shen Xuan is a smile。
“Hey,Old way,What are you doing?”
Or is it a familiar voice?,Or is it a familiar feeling?。
Cheng Lei, a slightly hurt,I said to Shen Xuan.:“Old sink,I’m dumped。”
Fall in love,this is nothing。
Life,That’s it,No, I hang it first, you hang first.。
Who didn’t know a few slag men in this life??
but,Shen Xuan is in touch with,Because,He has just been lost in love.。