At this time, Nan Ge’s eyes suddenly moved from the phone.,Doubtful look at them:“What are you talking about??”

“Um。”Zheng Yuqing is also gently smiling。
“Do not,I heard it.,You are talking about me.。”Nan Ge frowned and stared at them.。
“Boast you?。”Circumference。
“Um。”Zheng Yuqing is still whispering。
“What are you talking about me?……”Nange looks,Her nano,It is the most couldn’t help but others secretly praise her.,Is this kind of saying Can’t you say her for her??
“I envy me??”Nan Ge is very。
“You are wrong.。”Circumference。
“Hurry up!”
“Do not!”
“Speak!Is it envious of me?、Smart and lovely?”Nan Ge is very satisfied with him。
“……”Zhou Siles a http://www.shadoweffect.cn few seconds,“Envy you have a good object,And I don’t have。”
“very good!”
Nan Ge closed mobile phone,Smile stands up,Poster Zheng Yishi:“The next plot is too violent,You first avoid it first.。”
Summer evening is lively,Person and frog make up a country’s unique symphony。
Three people stay in the yard in the yard。
Zhouzhi looks up,That is the summer night, the summer night, no two stars,People can’t bear to remove open。It seems that some people caught a shiny gravel sprinkled on the dark sky.,Then sprinkle a more fine galaxy in the middle.。
This world is no more beautiful than the stars.。
He still remembers a child.,The summer is hotter than the mountains,A small seat fan is not enough。
It’s really hot.,Adults will cool down the roof of the roof after the fall,When the sky is black, take the mat and mosquitoes to go to the top.。
At http://www.xingxingguotongfu.cn that time,It is a star of star。
Zhou is usually waiting to have been dying.,Close your eyes。
But today he quickly returned his eyes.,The contest is calm:“Today is a big sunny day.……”
Zheng Yulai nodded,She feels。
But she can’t see the stars,She can only sit quietly,Listening to alactic and frog。
A roar came from behind the mountain,Aerial earthquake!
Zhou Zhiyan stands up,I saw a huge figure taking off from the mountain.,He fans the fans,The sound of the shooting air is dull。Immediately, the evil spirits flew over the background of the cloth.,Fly towards the mountain。
“There is a strange monster to invade his territory.。”Zheng Yuki sounds,“Maybe still a big monster。”
“The person you are looking for,Depth。”槐 低 头 游戏 游戏,“I have to stop this everyone.,Otherwise two can not http://www.fjgyz.cn stand up。”
“……You are going.。”
“Waiting for me to finish this group battle。”
槐 头 头 没 没。