Niu Niu Breaks,Nor ran,Going directly to go back。

“I am a daughter of Shenjia.,Shen Yunxi。Oh, you are old.,Call me a sister is also proper!”
Shen Yunxi stationed in the same place,Self-free temperament。
Smile,But it is a full spring breeze,God
I have heard of so long.,It http://www.zhengrongmaozhi.cn is possible to see the true face of Lushan.。
Big brother is really good,Encounter this beauty,Still actively sticker,Can sit and don’t mess。
It seems that there is no need for a good point.,Big brother is still a number。
“Su Anran,This is my big brother!Your two seem to be aware.!”
Niu Niu station to Su Yuqing,Unfamiliar
“Nature is understanding!”
“Um!The family calls me to be a girl.,Sister is not disappointing,It also call me like this.!”
“This is Whez,Let’s grow up together!”
Niu Niu pulled the grazing of Shen Yunxi。
what happened!Obviously, I have a good look.。
How can I see a good-looking person?!
“Correct,Everyone calls my grazing!Peille!”
Wozi slowly,Some embarrassed
“Wheum~Niu Niu~”
When the justice is solidified,The call of Hao said suddenly sounded。
“Miss Shen,It is a mother called us to have lunch.!Not very convenient today,Don’t invite you to pass together!”
The big brother is refusing to people.,It’s still very fast on the line.
Just never talk again
“elder sister,I have time for the next time, I will find you again.!I know where you live.,Don’t let the little will stop me outside.!”
“Niu Niu,You and Hezi first go back,I said that I immediately arrive.!”
“Big brother,Do you want to talk to your sisterThen let’s go first.!”
Niu Dynasty, his own brother, crowded。
Shen Yunxi is all in the eyes,Also followed by 谑 谑 向 青
“Miss Shen,My little girl’s heart。Just that all words,Please don’t put it on your heart.。Go back,I will taught her http://www.cvtt123.cn well.!”
Su Yuqing,Shen Yunxi instantly calmly calmly。
This person is really the same as you said.,Strong and stinky。
But that’s okay,Some of yourself is patient!
“You manage her to do it very much?I think I am very contest with her sexy.!Go back and tell Xiao Yan,Let them open the door!wisdom,let’s go!”
“How do you take popularity??I am very good to have a meal together.,The scorpion they will definitely not mind!right?Wheum!”
“Correct,My mother can be generous.!That is to add double chopsticks,Nothing at all!”