The secretary hesitated and said softly:“President Hu!They are not two people here today,But three people,Among them is a man with a very good temperament,Listen to President Long calling him President Xia”

“what?President Xia?”Hu Huiru,I immediately opened my eyes。She thought,President Xia?Is it Xia Jian here??It should be impossible!Xia Jian came out of the Venture Group long ago,I shouldn’t show up again http://www.zrzhe.cn for this, right?!
Hu Huiru can’t sit still,She called the secretary,Asked about the man in a low voice。From looks to temperament,And his dynamics when he speaks,She asked carefully。It’s a pity that her secretary and Xia Jian only met just now,So she asked so much,It’s also for nothing。
But judging by Hu Huiru’s experience,At this time, Xia Jianlai and their Dongsheng Group are unlikely,But this may still be there。Thought of here,She immediately said to the secretary:“Entertain the three of them with the highest specifications,I’ll be there in a while”
Secretary left,Hu Huiru stood up,She thinks her image today is a bit bad,So I went to the dressing room behind and put on a light yellow professional dress,She remembered,Once she saw Xia Jianshi wearing this dress,It is commendable to hear Xia Jian’s praise to her。
This dress suits her,Not only does she look elegant,More importantly, http://www.nanyatechan.cn she is proud of her figure,The clothes outline an attractive curve。If you are a man, you should like it,Xia Jian is no exception。
Before going out,Hu Huiru went to the mirror again and put on makeup,Because she has seen Xiao Xiao’s beauty in these two days,She felt that she was in front of Xia Jian,Not to lose first in temperament。
Xia Jian and them,Brought to the 18th floor of Dongsheng Group by Hu Huiru’s secretary,There is a special living room,To be precise,It can also be said to be a sightseeing room。Because it’s on the urban side,Is a large floor glass。Where to stop,The beauty of the provincial city can be said to be panoramic。
The indoor air conditioner controls the temperature to the best,Where do people sit,Can neither feel cold,Can’t feel the heat。An oval reception table is placed in the middle of the house,There are a few large leather swivel chairs around。
Wheat http://www.hongkangfdc.cn on the table,An invisible projector is installed on the easternmost wall。When Xia Jian walked inside,I have collected everything here long ago。This is his specialty,Every strange place,He will pay attention first。
There are several kinds of drinks on the table,Of course,When Hu Huiru’s secretary left,,Made another hot tea for each of the three of them。This made Dragon Ball’s eyes widened in an instant。
When the door of the meeting room just closed,Dragon Ball asked in surprise:“What’s happening here?The two of us weren’t treated like this two days ago。People in that chair hurt their butts,Look at this chair today,It shouldn’t be a problem to sit for two days。
Xiao Xiao said with a cold smile:“That’s because people think that you and me are not good enough。Can enjoy so much today,That’s the face of Xia Jian“
“impossible!How did she know Mr. Xia was here today??“Dragon Ball looked puzzled。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“I don’t quite understand this,If you want to know the mystery,It’s best to ask Mr. Hu”Listen to Dragon Ball,Helpless little mouth tilted。
At this time,The door gently pushed open,Hu Huiru walked in with a smile。When she saw Xia Jianshi with Erlang’s legs up,,The whole person stayed。It can be said to stay like a wooden chicken,It’s not an exaggeration to say that。
“Ah!This is President Xia?Village Chief Xia?You really brightened my eyes”Hu Huiru, who reacted, laughed and ran towards Xia Jian。