“What I am,I have given you a chance.”

The gap of the spring stretched forward。
Three generations of body。
“Quan, you should know,Don’t benefit you so”Three generations。
“Oh,I want to retaliate me.http://www.qdwqy.cn ?You have this matter.”Spring。
“I can destroy the wooden leaves now.”Three generations of cold voice。
Three generations of this,Everyone is shocked。
Even if this person can’t see the face,But they also know this is three generations.。
“Hahaha,Have you heard it?”
Spring smiles and moves the gap from the wooden ball neck,Remove the sheath。
Then I saw the people around you.。
“He said to destroy the wooden leaves,Do you still feel wrong?”
Everyone is silent,Only the sound of the spring is echoing。
“Go back,Go to your grandfather there”Spring pushed a piece of wood。
Woodlets can’t believe that our grandfather will actually speak this.。
“Do not,Do not,You are not my grandfather,My grandfather will not say this.”
Wooden pills continue to retreat,The tears in the eyes continue to flow。
He can’t believe that the grandfather who used to be loved.,Actually became this。
“Spring is what you want?”Three generations look at the back of the wooden pill, such as a knife。
“Don’t look good,But how can you make a lot of bright light?”
“I can’t catch you.,But what you do will http://www.vodafone-csc.cnalways have a price,Otherwise I will go back,How to explain”Springs are talking and talking。
The three generations can’t see his face with a fight.,I don’t know what he is.。
Now he is silent,What seems to be thinking。
“I will not shoot temporarily.,Will not shoot your pro,I can only give you this commitment.
I also hope that you should not shoot them.”
The day of the day, pointed to the Ninja, who fits.。
“Can,Anyway, it is almost”Quan Yi smiled。
Spring does not want to force too much forced three generations,To deal with the flying thunder,He still needs some time。
He has already thought of the way。
After a year, he has the confidence of challenge anyone.。