Just when I don’t know,Zhou Ye saw an input box on the outpatient system,Ling Machi once entered the stone number of the stone,Also good outpatient system also has this function,Read the card number of the citizen card can also continue to sit。

“Is painful??”Zhou Ye asked。
Shi Lei Yao smiled and squinted with tired eyes,Shakehead:“It’s better now.,It’s too uncomfortable when you stand.。”
“Check me.。”
“All here。”
“It seems that there is no problem in the time being.,Needless to deal with,Eat a resistant wet drug pool for a while,Let’s follow up.。”
“Is this really ok??”
“Um,From the film and symptoms,Let’s handle this first.,There is also a rheumatism that these inspection orders are not coming out.,I can only give these judgments from the joint effusion and http://www.maylinhouseware.cn bones.。”
Zhou Ye looks at the stone light,Shi Guang Yao nodded,Shi Hui once again。
I thought it was over.……
Zhou Ye wants to re-take the public card.,Not ready to settle,This can save two people to save a registration fee,Xu Ruibie is the director,Cost30Ame,Still some expensive。
At this time, the stone light suddenly pointed at your leg.,Unhappy:“Why is this leg?,I remember that I have seen this before and Ama.,I also said what rheumatism at the time.。”
“Genetic factors do have existence,Epidemiological survey,Rheumatoid arthritis has genetic and easy sensibility。”Zhou Ye suddenly said,If you know what he knowsHLS-DRBI、Gender gene、Globulin gene、TNF-aGene, etc. are related to these diseases。
Stone light:“Then my old man is fast90Hacked,Do you need to treat??”
Zhou Ye:“Judgment according to the situation,If http://www.granitemedicalsystems.cn you have a good pain, you need to be treated.,No matter how old,Healthy comfort is very important。”
Some confused in the eye,Deadly pinching the handle of the wheelchair,Self-op:“My old man is really useless.,I can’t leave my child.,Will only add chaos。”
From time to time, the elderly is ignorant.,Be full of embarrassment。
“Genetic factors are one,Environmental factors are also important causes,Don’t worry。”Zhou Ye looks at the pure face of the girl, suddenly frowning,Acknowledge。
I heard that there are other factors that cause rheumatoid arthritis.……Shi Lang Yao is a bit surprised:“Does this illness are not completely genetic??”
Inheritance is just an important factor,Zhou Ye is slow:“Analysis from the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis,Inheritance is only part,There are also environmental factors and immune disorders that may lead to the likelihood of rheumatoid arthritis。”
“envirnmental factor?”
“Correct,Although it is generally not proved to have direct infectious factors that lead to rheumatic arthritis,But after research,Bacterium、Mycoplasma and viruses can be activatedT、BLymphocyte,Secretion of inflammation factors,Generate related antibodies,Then lead to progressive diseases in rheumatoid arthritis……Recently, a study almost now proves rheumatoid arthritis andEBThe relationship between the virus may have a pre-consequence。”
“EBThe virus caused my current leg and feet.?”
“Um……Have a summary,Because more than half of the patients with rheumatoid arthritis will create a kind of call“Rheumatoid arthritis precipitonin”Antibody,And this antibody induces related activation reaction,lead toBLymphocytes are activated,Then after generationIgMRheumatoid factor,Result in a strong reaction。”
“That immune……Factor?”
“This is a key,Immunimosis is the most important pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis.,Cellular immunity,Activated“CD4+”TCells andMHC-IIPositive antigen with cell infiltration joint synovial membrane,Then some special antigens of the joint synovial tissue are activated by the antigen.,Launched an immune response reaction,Exhibits related arthritis symptoms。”
“These things are so complex,I don’t understand, I understand.。”
“I used to be a barefoot doctor,If you have leggings, you will give anick pain.。”
Zhou Ye I looked at the stone light.,I didn’t expect this to actually or medical practitioners.,He is a little stunned。
He looks to Shi Hui,Shi Hui Shi smile,Some I am sorry:“Yes,My father used to be a barefoot doctor.,I didn’t do it later.,Do some small sale at home。”
“so it is。”Zhou Ye I smiled:“Peer,Hahaha,In fact, the cause of this rheumatoid arthritis is like rice in a field.,How is the water bag grow?,What is the seed that is going to see?,This seed is genetic factor,If you get a seeds of super rice,That life is tenacious。Rice except seeds,There is also an environment,Some of the peaks in Tannet, there are many mountains.,This is environmental factor。As for immune disorders,It is sometimes the rice grows, sometimes it will be bitten by the bug.,Often bite,It is not easy to grow.。”
Shi Lei is a little understanding。
Otherthing,He may not be clear,But as long as the rice is added,The old man is quite experienced。
In the past,Shi Guang Yao is indeed true that the field is contacted by rice.,And take on a family of http://www.gsp12580.cn rice to raise a four-port responsibility。