“Let it go!And I will go out to see the situation in Yunzhou。”

Lin rang and fishing sister,The waterpare is a few times.:
“Oy!My name is the woman,His name is Shujun,Must be deliberate。Is it not misunderstood by others??”
“Really annoying。People are self-satisfied with the dead ghost man。”
If you are in the heart, you know that the mother wants to enter a non-non-wrong head.,Probably fall from the steps to death。
Shujun is not his own name,It is everyone called this name.,He also called it.,How to be online。
He swear,If someone has seen the refuse of the water,If you can have a bad emotion,Willing to admit that you don’t lift。
Lin rang and fishing children bring the old fisherman’s coffin,Installing the body of the city,Then be shed into water。
As for the people of Yunzhou,They are now not yelling in the city.,Instead, I prayed in the call of the House.。
Leading the forest,Harvest a lot of merits。
Since the effect is reached,He takes out the control flag,A wave,All the water immediately retreat to the city。
The people of the http://www.sxjqcj.cn Yunzhou House saw the water and retreat.,Rain stopped,A excited tear flow。
For the forest, this water, can be called Dade Dade。
Lin longs on the shore,Staring at the river of the waves,For fishing children:
“How about the disaster in CDX??”
“Very serious。”
Until now, he did not receive merits from Qingxian County.,take out《Merit book》Look at it,In addition to Yunzhou Government,Other counties have no。
So don’t blame him not to stop the floods like a tiger.。
Waiting for the acquisition of merit,Then
the other side,Chengde House,City and Shujun, a city and water jealous with Yunzhou City,Two people are anxious together。
When the temple wishes back,Can’t wait for the city:
“How is the situation of Yunzhou??Say it。”
I am in the 30th year of Qi Zhuang.
Chapter 125 plan
Shujun, http://www.bellivip.cn Chengde, I can’t talk,Loudly:
“Are you dumb??Say soon.!”
“Yunzhou City is dead。”
Chengdao’s city and water king took a breath。
Chengxiao will die?Still the first time I heard that the city is killed.。
Merits,Unless the strength of both parties is too big,Otherwise it is impossible to kill。
Shujun is a face of death:
“I know early,Don’t sin, the king of the king。”
“What to say now??follow me。”
“escape?good idea,I will pack it now.。”