Lin Xiao is http://www.freelin.cn shocked,“Holy king, his old man personally shot?”

Even if he is looking forward to,Still don’t meet the Tiantian Holy King will so hot。
“right,I have already used the soul of the summer and the soul.、The breath fluctuate all over the past。”
Han Feng’s scorpion emerged in the scorpion,“This time,They are inserted,Dead without burial!”
“Ha ha,good,Good。”
Lin Xiao can’t help but serve well,Heavy breath,And what he seems to think of,Lower sound channel。
“I don’t know what kind of means taken by the Holy King.,Han Feng adult,Can I play with your pro??”
Han Feng sinking,Nodded。
“The two kids are not familiar with the road,We can copy it to Tianxixia first.,But I can only take you to the way to the perimeter.,Can you go in?,Also watch the Holy King Mood。”
“Very good,Let’s start now.。”
Lin Xiaoyan does not hesitate。
Han Feng swayed,Pointing to the rear peak,“This matter has been alarmed the Holy King,So these mining people can’t move,Let’s take them together。”
Toned,He stared to Lin Xiao,The eyes are flashing in the eyes,“Holy King’s personality,Should put them。
Lin Xiao,Don’t do a stupid thing!”
Lin Xiao stunned,After laughing。
“Do not worry,I am not so stupid.,How can a group of ants?,Will not kill them afterwards。”
……Summer and Gof Sword,In the endless void,。
Go straight to a mistal outside of millions.。
When they land,Not stay,Search the highest,Quickly choose the next moment,Soon quickly,Two streams of stream of flowing down a target star。
So,The two people don’t stop walking for three days.。
Finally, I will rest slightly on my meteor.。
The look of Gogjian is slightly agglomerated.,“This completely alarmed the town Tian Bingtian,I am afraid that it will increase the search for us.,Get a deep place,More dangerous,even……Maybe it will also be alarmed。”
Summer eyelids,“The Holy King will take your own?”
Gobian laughs,“If you don’t have the words of the Holy King,May not,After all, it is already a strong force.,It is a face,But Tiantian Holy King……His character is hot,And extremely refined。”
Summer silence,Quite quite heavy in my heart。
Gogjian smiled,“But then,Our life is no problem.。”
Summer vocabulary。
“Tiantian Holy King is very strong,But not overbearing,If he wants to take it personally,Instead, we will not kill us.,Just this,We are afraid that it is difficult to return.,Once you are caught,If you can’t help but have bitterness。”
Merely,Gogjian’s eyes become a cold。
“Those calm of the town be ambusted in advance,Obviously,Humph!If we are caught,Those town beals don’t want to pass!”
Summer road,“Here is their site,Testing big array everywhere,We can’t run away……”Sink,Also,“Madoo count,Can only think that we will flee away when others,We have reversed,Choose a http://www.cl10086.cn secret star closed door。”
Gogjian eyes bright,“good,This idea is good,Ha ha,As long as the Holy King does not personally,We have the opportunity。”
He understood the deep meaning in the summer.。
If the Holy King does not personally,Will only send a stronger stronger search。
They are in someone else’s site,I only take care of the way.,Just like a headless flies,Will definitely be discovered。
It is better to close the customs,Enhance strength,Maybe there will be a chance to escape from birthday。
There is still seven years in the world.,For summer and gofliness,It is equivalent to the treatment time for seventy-seventh year.。
The two of them have an inter-action in the five-bedroom mountains.,The biggest problem at present is that there is no time to fully digest and precipitate。