Talking is a yin old,Linear robe,Obvious identity,“Your Mightiness,I give you the last chance of life.,Handover token,Rao you don’t die!”

Another rhythm of the sword is also attached,“Correct,We have promised with Guo Deputy,As long as the three is shared token,Will help him rebuild Tianlongmen,But this has nothing to do with you.,Handover token!Rao you don’t die!”
“Handover token,Rao you don’t die!”
“Handover token,Rao you don’t die!”
One time,More than 50 people have been drinking,Sound shock。
This is in the summer of the summer.,Let him overthrow the previous guess。
His thought,It is in the dark of Xianti http://www.ljrfkz.cn Province.。
It can be seen now.,it’s not true。
The bodies of the edge zone,Most of the disciples of Tianlongmen。
So it’s not difficult to guess,Both sides are still in a fierce battle。
But the responsibility and five or six people are laigues.……Obviously, the big shuffle for a long time。
Their purpose is also the order。
Just get the first hand.,Thus let the war have temporarily stopped。
This is visible,This token is extremely important in their eyes.。
There is still something to make the summer puzzle。
These people are delayed,What is it?。
The stallion with the front grass and the stone arch in front of the grass.,Both parties are only 30 meters,And these people don’t have a stone arch。
at this time,The old people of the Tiger door suddenly opened,“Finally ask you,Exchange!”
Rough smile,Pavilion,Xianti, a rhombus token,“Token again,Have the ability to take yourself!”
“it is good,very good!”
Yinnan old face,Put your eyes to Tianlong door,“Guo Hemen,If the token falls into the lake,You should be able to salvage it.。”
Guo Hemen’s eyes slightly flash,Nodding silently。
“That’s good。”
Yinxian old people look to the other side of the middle age,“Luo,Before you get token,I hope everyone can restrain,Kill her first,what do you think。”
“Right on my mind!”
Three-party reached an agreement,Let’s order the head。
“Your Mightiness!I will help you kill these people.,How do you give me to me??”
Standland。at this time,A voice came from behind。
NS692chapter Kill
This sound is not high,Even very light,But in Longfang Waterfall,Clear http://www.sunddin.cn incoming in the ear of every person。
The atmosphere of the sword in the field is not hysteresis,Bamboo,Everyone finds a look,Be unlearable。
I only see the rear channel to come to a young man.。