Just less than ten people become a dead,The attention is not as good as a fire。

Just 9 o’clock in the evening,These places gradually decrease。
Everyone is the same as it is,Start to start。
Han Jiang took Qi Ya’s three-person straight to the exclusive empty ship,eosNo。
The people of Fer are also quietly close,The distance from Hanjiang four people is not far away.。
Litta entered the Shencheng http://www.qdtqo.cn Medical Experimental Park with agile skills.。
“Just now,Is Rita??”
De Lisa, who is ambushed outside the Shencheng Medicine, asked Ji and Cheng Li。
Ji Zi,“I don’t know what she wants to do at this time.,We also follow。”
Trendy company,I have to secretly enter my own people.,What is the secret thing to find??
In the face of the world snake,Nilta is nothing wrong with it.。
Wolf is immersed in its own research,As long as the battleship engine is ready,So next experiment,Will shock the world。
“Handle,Handle,Front of the world snake,Cut off their Hu!”
Han Jiang with Qi Yaan,Start parkingeosDeparture。
eosThe staff stationed on the warship is not a lot.,Han Jiang carefully observed,If you don’t look at your eyes,Or accident,People who guard the warship have only ten。
I want to come and http://www.dreamhorsetoys.cn think,No matter where,Dare to,Only some of the people。
Leave twelve combat staff to watch the warship,It has been proved that Lita is be careful。
First time,Kiyana and buds are excited.。
Bud clothes, ask Han River how to do,How can she be dragged out for a while?。
Qi Yana is to steal the whole battleship.。
“You learn Balonia,Look at how she is stable。”
Baronia and there is no different,Do not see any emotional changes。
“what?”Bronia suddenly asked:“Battleship engine……Battleship engine We have been removed,How many do we seem to be?”
All right,It is Han River to see it.。
Can you ask such a problem with common sense?,Bronia is also a bit of a little.。
They are mainly fighting,Either you either,Either dizzy。
Naturally, there will be a person who has been arranged,To break the warship password,Disassemble http://www.jsdongshang.cn engine。
If you only rely on them to fight the ship,Grab it, I can’t open it.!
“you……Who is?”
After coming to the battleship,The above female Wu Shenmim found four traces。
“We are the large car boat repair factory in Tianhai City,Come here I want to ask you?……”
When Han Jiang and guarded female weapon got a good time,The warship has passed facial recognition,Identify the original face of Hanjiang。