If Shen Xuan really does this?,Then Li Yifei is obviously don’t want to have a foothold here.。

And Shen Xuan looked at Lu Li Lei,Slight smile。
“Now,I announce,after,Cheng Lei is the general manager of Jintai Building.。”
When Shen Xuan’s words http://www.nseven.cn say,It is even more about the people around those who brush themselves.。
obviously,These people are completely unpredictable。
But for these,Cheng Lei is very unexpected。
Subsequent,It is a colleague around Jintai Building.,Have the voice of Cheng Lei。
“General Manager,I hope you will advise you later.。”
“Yes,What do you have in the future?,Also discuss with you。”
“General,If you are tired,Then, although I said to me.,I am on call.。”
This,Those people around those people,Among them, there are some very beautiful women.。
Compared to Li Fei,I don’t know how much it is beautiful.。
And Cheng Lei is a little fluttering,Recall,I http://www.hdjeans.cn feel like I am dreaming.。
For these,Cheng Lei turned and looked at Shen Xuan。
“Shen Xuan,I”
Cheng Lei Zhang Zhang,Want to open,but now,He didn’t know what to say.。
General Manager of Jintai Building,Annual income of millions。
once Upon a time,Cheng Lei even thinks, I don’t want to think about it.。
but now,With Shen Xuan finished,Already,Cheng Lei is。
Cheng Lei looked at Li Fei,And Li Fei’s heart,Some regrets。
If she started to choose Cheng Lei’s words,So she is now,It is estimated that the general manager is long.。
And how can it become,Now this look。
“but,I still have a chance。”
“As long as you can get the forgiveness of Cheng Lei,Then I can。”
Li Yifei turned to see Cheng Lei,Her heart is very excited。
Because now,This is already the last chance of Li Fei.。
For these,Cheng Lei http://www.lingshanren.cn is not intentionally。
This look,is that useful?
“Cheng Lei,sorry,I’m wrong,please,please forgive me。”
Li Fei looked to Cheng Lei,The tears of the eyes are eye-catching。
If it is,Cheng Lei will take Li Fei as a hand of his hand.,He will be very distressed。
but now,Cheng Lei didn’t think there was anything.。
“forgive you?”
“Do you forget?,What have you done??”
If it is not Shen Xuan’s words,Cheng Lei can still stand here now?
It’s really ridiculous.,And don’t look at the best。
so,Cheng Lei stands up,Faced smile,With a bit of a bit of mocking。