“You really know how to brag。Her family doesn’t know,You’ll know right??”Xia Jian said to Chen San disdainfully。

Chen Sandao laughed and said:“You have hair on your ass,That’s more refined than a monkey。You want to play with me?no way,Such a confidential matter,How can i let you know”
“There is a saying that acquaintance is fate。Since we can meet many times,That shows that the fate between us is not shallow。So I have to remind you,Gu Changlong can create Longmao Group,I know a lot of people in society。As for money, it’s just a number for him”
“but,If you hurt his daughter,Make him anxious,A lean camel is bigger than a sheep。Once he shot,Take off one of your legs, it’s a matter of hand,You better know yourself!”Xia Jian said,Then he scared Chen Sanliang。
Chen Sanyi http://www.dwwsa.cn listen,Haha smiled and said:“Xia Jian!Stop talking,The police can’t catch me,Relying on his half-dead old man?”
“You really forgot a word“Money can be a ghost”。As long as he can afford the money,Even if you get into the mouse hole,Someone can pull you out,If you don’t believe,Then let’s wait to try”Xia Jian’s brain reacts very fast,Constantly pressure Chen San。
Chen San suddenly changed his face,Drew out a dagger and put it on Xia Jian’s neck and shouted:“If he dares like this,Then I will kill you two first”
“You are really a fucking pig,Why did you make such a big noise when you killed us??Aren’t you just for the money?I mean you don’t http://www.lpfamily.cn hurt his daughter first,Second, don’t go too far。Let the rich give a little money,Isn’t that a very simple thing”
Xia Jian faced Chen San’s threat,Not scared at all。He just wanted to disrupt Chen San’s deployment,So I can follow my own rhythm。
Chen San really was disrupted by Xia Jian’s words。To put it bluntly, he actually wants money,As for other things,He really didn’t think about it。
Chen San removed the dagger on Xia Jian’s neck,Said coldly:“I committed something,Just want to take some money and run away,Don’t talk nonsense to me”
Chen San said,Suddenly waved。Four more men ran out from the dark corner of the wall,They searched Xia Jian’s cell phone in his pocket,Give it to Chen San。
Chen San holding Xia Jian’s phone,I pressed shutdown。Then he smiled at Xia Jian and said:“Let’s not hurry,As for how to do,Talk tomorrow。Meet your old http://www.dvjuwr.cn lovers,I have to give you a chance to chat。Which suite to lock them in?”