After the door opened,Zhou Ye is carrying a book to all the way to the entrance of the emergency department.。

“It’s better to catch up.,talent7point30Minute。”Zhou Ye I looked at the eye watch。
Tianfeng Affiliated First Hospital last time is 8 o’clock in the morning,But today because it is the first day,Therefore, Xu Ruo is deliberately let Zhanan have seen it earlier.,Some things,So Zhou Ye has already started.,Come on caught the car.。
http://www.huoyan778.cn He and Xu Ruine were actually seen before the interview.,And Xu Ruo Bing and Chen Riyuan are also a brother relationship.,So Zhou Yewu appns the graduate students,Xu Ruo is very welcome。
Zhou Ye is carrying a book bag,Put in the bag,And the gift is not brought。
“I don’t know if this is the dormitory.。”Zhou Ye 挠。
Future2Half of the year,He may stay in Tianfeng Affiliated Hospital.,Follow Xu Ruo。
Tianfeng Affiliated Hospital is the best hospital in Tianfeng,The emergency card is also there.,The light is three times tripled by the Tiande People’s Hospital.,Therefore, Wang Ye is directly in the entrance of the emergency department.:“Good money。”
Zhou Ye is luminous,Watching this next hospital for two years.,Suddenly, someone knocked on his shoulders behind him.。
I go
Scared people don’t pay。
Intoxicated http://www.tjjielian.cn in my own hospital tall,Zhou Yewu was frightened by this cold greeting forward to the front of the ground.。
“Who is,Fortunately, I will be stable.,Otherwise it is really likely to fall.。”
This is the anti-theft chapter,0:30Replacement,No need to subscribe first。
Two years later,Zhou Ye wished to take a special medical university in Tianfeng’s local medical university。
And this place is not far from Tianfeng People’s Hospital.,So I am very satisfied with Zhou Ye.。
After all, the medical school can test is too small.。
The vast majority is,It’s too little to make the college students.。
If you are Chen Riyuan helps to find a school,Then, there is a signature of the top three of the national top three.,Otherwise, don’t necessarily have a chance to read this special。
Specialized for medical,Is the best graduate type。
Because of a clinician,That is hardware,The four-way doctors fierce!
Otherwise speaking three years to cultivate a student,Then spend three years to participate in the standardized training of hospitalized doctors?
Hospital is not a charity,What you want is to fight!
This,Zhou Ye is also very clear.,So the head is directly reported to the ranking of the college,Then just in Tianfeng2year,Do not deal with patients,So directly picking an emergency major。
My name is Zhou Niangwu。
current state,Emergency school。
Today is the first day of being sent to the Tianfeng Affiliated Hospital to participate in the proposal。
And my legendary life begins here.。
Zhou Ye is sitting on the bus to Tianfeng Affiliated to Tianfeng in the north of Tianfeng.。
His tutor is the director of Tianfeng’s first medical emergency department Xu Ruozhi。
A legendary man writing name in emergency medicine。
Along with the harsh horn and the truck fierce brakes, the Wild, I’ve been smashed out.。
“Tianfeng affiliated to the first hospital station,Please get off at the passenger of the station。”The voice of the genital signs in the truck。
Zhou Ye I listen to this pleasing voice,I remembered the car skills of this smell driver who killed thousands of http://www.hongshengsuye.cn knives.,Loudly:“Others driving is to send guests,You are here to send me on the West。”
Your uncle。
Zhou Ye wondered,This way is clearly a line,But by the driver, it is also a feeling that the bumps are unlimited.。
He is really speechless。
Breakfast just eating in the stomach also followed the car skills of this river,Want to follow the gastric acid refractive stream3。