Summer eyes are very clear,A face of human animals,“I said the facts.,And I just saw it.,Your girlfriend wearing trousers stockings and model wearing stockings,Seemingly,Different quality,Mr. Wang,The stockings will not be you bought.,If you buy it,I dare to guarantee,You must buy it.?”

I am a mother.。
Wang Xiaolong face is green,More disgusting than eating a green head flies……This kid eats girlfriend tofu.,The special code has smashed a knife。
Be right,The pair of socks is he sent to Guo Li.!
He is immediately cold,Just the voice is just,But see the summer’s mouth has already emerged as a cold laugh.,“Is it enough??I don’t think enough。”
Speech,Look at an angry Guo Li,“Don’t look at me like this,From the beginning, you will continue to devalue me to show your superiority.,How?I just said that you can’t stand it.?”
Guo Li face color,Shameful angry。
“What are you?。”
Summer interruption again,“I have repeatedly tolerate you.,You haven’t finished yet.,I just want to ask http://www.fxccmy.cn you.,Where are you coming?,Is it dedicated to us??”
“Mr. Xia!You do this, say my girlfriend in my face.,Is it too much??”Wang Xiaolong’s face is gloomy,“You don’t give me a confidence today.,Don’t want to leave here。”
Summer laughing,Upper and down,“What is your heart?,Advise you,Don’t look for things,Don’t find pumping!”
Sound is not high,But the ice cold in the dark, the king Xiaolong did not help but hit a chill.。
Wang Xiaolong knows that it can’t make trouble,Nothing to him,Will only add a laughter。
Immediately throw a sentence,拽 丽 大步 离。
Waiting them,Summer immediately hippie smile face to see Luo Qianjin,“Lao Luo,I am handsome.?”
Luo Qianjin strangely,即 意 意 深,“How do you feel?”
Finished a complement,“How do you feel about the thigh of the woman??”
http://www.minxingshiye.cn “Didn’t touch you。”
Luo Qianjin is shameful and angry,Face,But I can’t laugh.,“How is your face?。”
“Rock!”Summer face righteous words,“I have no face.,Where is the face?……”
Luo Qianjin can’t help but laugh,狠 白 白,Just talk,But listen to a sound,Summer mobile phone suddenly rushed。
See the above number,Summer brow is slightly wrinkled,Luo Qianjin revealed an apology smile,Go outward。
Going outside the mall,Choose to turn on。
“Master,I am me。”Opposite tone is very excited,The sound is shaking with a trace。
Summer mouth,“Call my name,Don’t make a small master,I am old.,What is?”
The opposite side is Luo San。
“I want to talk to you.,Jin Penghai rescued the present three days in the morning,Already dead。”
Summer faint sound,Not unexpected in such a http://www.ultrageek.cn result,“If Jin Pengjiang is coming back,First notify me。”