“it’s OK。”

Baozi ignorant,Unfair,Think in mind:Xiao Zheng sister is really gentle.,Compare,Table brother occasionally gentle is a hypothesis。
and many more!How to 序 哥?
Little girl is fast and low,The box with milk is still on the side of themselves.,This makes her loose tone cover and there are no signs of being opened.,She did not detect anyone who will take it on the side of my ass.。
and many more!
How is the milk in the milk??
Baozi blinking
Two instantly became a piece!
Baozi expression,Look up,序 哥 吧。
See her opinion,He also said:“Zhou,Do more tomorrow,I am waiting to go to the supermarket to get raw materials to be milk.?Which brand of?Have a few boxes?”
I didn’t say it for a while.。
It suddenly disappeared for a prevention,She quickly opened the box,Pick up it in your http://www.xinlanmumen.cn mouth。
The aroma of milk is filled in his mouth.。
槐 is a bit uncomfortable:“Why do you look at me with that kind of eyes??”
“You will be empty!”
“Not,I am a bright and big bending over.、Open the box、Take some heart、Take the box。”槐 序。
Be more frustrated。
Neck of buns。
However, the exploitation from capitalists is not because of her fear.,She immediately under the request of Nange,Pick up the camera to take the material。
It seems to be a scene of tamping Xiao Zheng girl with detergent,In fact, two people play bubbles,I am still having fun.。
When you pick them, you can shoot them.,Use these photos as material。
Evening point。
The buns are still holding a thick bowl to the door.,Bowl of sausage and green pepper,Looking at the sunset。
Zhou went to her,Play mobile http://www.hojoy888.cn phone while eating。
Wish:When are you coming back??
Depth:Did you come back?
Wish:Just arrived
Depth:I have to have a few days.
http://www.weizhenyifang.cn Wish:Oh