We all came in a morning.,It is to let the doctor give us a doctor.,Your body is so strong,Why do people give you a doctor??”

“Yup,We all came in a morning.,I have to look at us first.。”
Said that several people are quarreling。
Li Hui also didn’t expect such a scene.,And the last time he gave people to see a doctor or in the hospital.,That is the physician qualification certificate he got.。
I didn’t expect it to use it.。
Su Liang saw this scene,I laughed and let people start arrangeing.,Then queue a doctor。
Li Hui Feng is directly to bring live equipment directly.。
Jin Mingwu is somewhat surprised to look at the http://www.shexiangge.cn team like Changlong,It’s actually a doctor.,It seems that there is no a few people to eat.。
This makes him couldn’t help but think of the sentence he said with him.。
“The best of Li’s brother is not a fight.,Instead of medical skills。”
If he still has some questions before,So now this question is completely canceled.。
At this time, people in the live broadcast are more and more.,After all, the long man dragon,I don’t seem to be attractive.。
There is also more slowly in the barrage.。
“No way,How much is so many people??”
“Don’t say it in front,I feel really。”
“Don’t say,I decided to verify it in person.。”
Li Hui Feng did not pay attention to the bullets in the live broadcast.,Instead, seriously give people a look。
This time he is more fast than the speed of seeing a doctor yesterday.,Until noon,That team is also growing,This is that Li Hui has not thought of it.。
Yesterday, he was seen by his pregnant woman.。
This time, the other party took a middle-aged man who took a big belly.。
Middle-aged man is happy with a happy,Directly put the thick money on the table。
“God doctor,Thank you,Thank you,Our husband and wife are more than a year.,We have been getting divorced before.,If I just missed the best woman in this life?。”
Chapter 62, Chapter, God
I heard the middle-aged man,Li Hui Fengyi,Looked a look at each other。
Hesitated laugh:“You will take the money first.,And I will give this beauty to see a doctor.,But this is your private affairs,Never use this,I suggest you try to taste the sour and sour sour silk in our store.,Although the price is expensive,But it is good for you。”
“As for this beauty,I suggest to taste our red jujube.,It is also beneficial to the body,The key is that it is cheaper than the sour and sour potatoes.。”
Said that Li Hui is directly pushed back.,Then continue to see a doctor。
“God doctor,God doctor,Can you give my sister first?,My sister is already alive.。”
Li Hui looked at a girl to helpOLThe beauty of the professional suit http://www.iphoneseo.cn came over。
Whole goose egg face,A pair of a pair of willow knife averaged a bit of a branch,But the white face made Li Xiangqi seemed to feel the same pain.。
“This little girl,Your sister seems to be very sick.,You should go to the hospital.,You come to me some comments here.。”
“no,No mistaken,My sister has been to the hospital before,The result is a few painkillers every time.,This disease is congenital,I also found you in the treatment yesterday.,Do you forget it?”
I heard this,Li Hui, I thought about it.,I really remembered a scene yesterday.。
I think that the other side is still very embarrassed.,He couldn’t help but gave each other a warm smile。
“Remember,Remember,Let me first put the pulse,Let me see if your sisters are not the same symptoms.。”
This is said,The other party is also directly deep http://www.sh-luyu.cn and white jade wrist,Li Hui is just a gently explore, and you already know the answer.。
Place is just a dysmenorrhea,There is nothing wrong with,But belongs to that very serious type。