“Bother,You even have the taste of the lie.?”Han Jiang surprised。

De Lisa doesn’t want to say something,She felt that Han Jiang did not lie,As for why you want to describe this,That is a later http://www.freelin.cn thing,De Lisa is also unable to explain。
“So nearby vampire events,Are you doing it?。”Han Jiang asked。
“Humanity,it’s here,You don’t have a position you can ask。”
Han Rong said:“But you have admitted before you.。”
“You say that you will not attack men,The victims of those cases are girls,Plus Yesterday your move,That is what you did.!”
De Lisa doesn’t want to talk,Why don’t this man are afraid?,Why is so many mouth?。
De Lisa deadly suppresses the impulse,Tell yourself this man is a savior,Don’t start!
Chapter 248 Drowning child
“never mind,Also,If it is your words,,possible”
De Lisa has used several vocabulary to express your entanglement.,Finally, I still sigh.:“Humanity,tell me your name。”
“Han Jiang。”
De Lisha seems to hear such a name for the first time.,Slightly stunned。
“Be a deal,Humanity。”She is some format that she is not familiar with the name of Hanjiang,Still also called Han Jiang as human。
“I will tell you about,The story of a girl with a recent event。”
Can’t spit,De Lisa then said:“Opposite,You have to help me,Make her,Help her look at a wish。”
“What wish?”
“Do you accept this deal??”
Hanjiang nodded:“Can,If I can do it?。”
Delisha’s wish?,Try to help her.。
“So,I will tell you the name of this story lead.。”
“Her name is De Lisa,she”
De Lisa began to slowly tell the girl,That is, I belong to my own story.。
From the moment of birth,The girl’s life is meaningless。
In her world,In addition to a room that is full of books like a cage,Grandpa did not give her anything。
grandfather,It is the name of the girl who gave her life.。
Girl only grandfather and a sleeping sister,It is an object that she can talk occasionally.。
Girl is required to smoke various blood bags,And use this as food,And each month,Must take the blood of your sister。
all of these,All the grandfather’s wishes,So the girl has continued to live like this。
After the girl realizes these,She thinks she has found the meaning of life.,Because she is born for this,Because the girl is being needed。
Every time you take your sister’s blood,My sister will wake up,Show a very gentle smile to the teenage。
Only at this time,Girls can http://www.dsilearning.cn really feel the meaning of their survival。
Even so,The girl still has a wish,Want to take a look at the world depicted in the book。
Even if you only have a good one。
With the help of my sister,The girl took out the cage who did not leave from the beginning.。
Just out,Girl is very happy,But she is too simple to put everything.,Outside is the world of humans。
Girls are desperate to force themselves inhibiting the impulse of ivory and others,But the body’s instinct is easy to plan her efforts.。
After the blood is filled,Only the fresh blood stains in the mouth can tell her away from memory.,What did you do now?。