This intensive sword,His spiritual,Title。

“Bamboo”Broken sound in the ear,Going to everyone。
Eighteen people drink Qi Qi,Sword start,气,Greeten。
The field is like a blend of a white spirit.,Knife, swordsper collision,The star is like a dream like a dream。
“Haha……”Laughing in the Ear Junshan,In the eyes, two cold lights are shot.,“summer,Do you only have this point?!”
Summer is cold and cold in the direction of him.,Immediately start the ghost,Sudden disappearance。
The abrupt change makes everyone’s face change。
Master battle,It is impossible to give me a knife.,I will give you a http://www.qingshihuangfei.cn sword.,You come to me。
Especially super masters,Sometimes I can play dozens in an instant。
Rely is not your eyes。
It’s also seen in your eyes.。
But when the master is fighting,Gas chance locks each other,So will calm down。
How much。
Even if it is a breath of 18 people,It turned out to have lost the summer gas machine.。
“careful……”Some people scream。
But still a late step。
A knife is http://www.yifeitea.cn hungry,The neck of one of the members。
Human head rushed out,Raw flying in half air,Blood wavy spraying more meters high。
But not finished。
Tight with a thick knife。
Unlike,This knife is half dark ask,Half of white light。
And quickly integrate into gray mess,Synthetic murder。
Dictionary is a knife,He has made a dozen knives,As if you want to break everything,Destroy everything,Sizely swept around all sides。
“This,This is——”at the same time,Just on the left side of a short mountain,A watching old man discolored。
“Before it is a ghost,Now that the Tai Chi Yin Yang Sword,This is flat……”His mouth in his mouth,Eyes flashing,Relatively complex,“I am afraid that the light will not think,Summer really got the inheritance of the ghost valley,Ghost step and peaceful,It is the gratitude of Sunday!The Ear Junshan is http://www.ultrageek.cn dead.!”
NS2571chapter I don’t want to die.
&esp;&esp;“Go array!”
&esp;&esp;Left people rapidly resolved,Almost simultaneously,Four-sided eight directions to attack in summer。