“do not do that,None of the front yard doors closed,Someone will come in anytime“Zhao Hongjiao panted and said。

Xia Jian had to let go of his hand honestly,Sat on a chair in the house,He asked softly:“Didn’t I ask you to show me the recent records of the breeding plant??Why didn’t you send it?“
“Will you come again?“Zhao Hongbai glanced at Xia Jian and said。
that’s true!This information has been sent,I must watch it at home,No reason to come here,Xia Jian thought of this,Can’t help but smile secretly。
These materials are actually at hand,Xia Jian turned it over,It seems that Zhao Hong is ready for him。
Suddenly Xia Jian had a meal,He hurriedly asked Zhao Hongdao:“Where did Mayor Ouyang and the veterinarians from which cities go??“
“Mayor Ouyang is http://www.dsyaolu.cn back,The veterinarians live in the breeding plant,Have someone to take care of,You don’t have to worry about it“Zhao Hong talked and went out。
First0310chapter Turn around
Xia Jian began to read one by one,The whole person was quickly invested in it,Don’t think this is just a village-level farm,But Zhao Hong’s homework is still very solid,Request to record the weight of each feed,Date and batch number。
Start from here,Xia Jian can’t see anything famous at all,I read almost all the records in the past two months,But Xia Jian didn’t find anything of value。
This is how to do?In case it is the plague,What’s the trouble,Xia Jian kept holding her hair with her hands in distress,He can’t wait to have Sun Wukong’s golden eyes,You can see the problem at a glance。
Zhao Hong did not know when he was already sitting behind Xia Jian,She http://www.eddanet.cn gently hugged Xia Jian,Press her face against Xia Jian’s back,Said softly:“This is a natural disaster,Don’t http://www.qcwaimai.cn be too hard for yourself,Besides, your health is not good,Shall we rest early?!“