But Zhou Ye watched the eyes of Xu Tianfu carefully.,The serious eye of the old man is really unique!

Zhou Ye will further communicate with Xu Tianfu,I found that the old man has long been in oral hypertension.,But the effect doesn’t look very well。
“Your blood pressure is so high,Is it not uncomfortable??”Zhou Ye has once again measured a blood pressure。
He is very afraid that the value of his measurement is wrong.。
Xu Tianfu:“Will often headache and dizziness,I will endure each time I endure.。”
Zhou Ye is shaking down,This symptom will be so obvious that there is still not going to the hospital.,This is really terrible.。
“Such irregularities from your previous blood pressure control,Why didn’t you come to the hospital??”Zhou Ye is out of mouth,After the time,He regretted。
Xu Tianfu shook his head,White hair dance with wind:“My children are not around.,One is inconvenient,Then I thought I endured.……”
Zhou Ye I understand this idea of Xu Tianfu。
The same is true before the grandmother of Zhou Ye,I always feel that there is a fever.,The result did not expect it to be a severe pneumonia.,Finally, the ventilator did not rescue it.。
Sometimes the mind of the elderly is indeed simple,But such a simple idea is often very easy to harm them.。
Zhou Ye wondered。
And Xu Tianfu has not spoken again.。
Soon the blood pressure of the measured again quickly came out,190/110hg!
“Still very high。”Zhou Ye is somewhat。
After the time,He asked:“What kind of antihypertensive medicine do you usually eat?,Is there a belonging??Convenient, do I look??”
Xu Tianfu carry a black shabby small school bag。
He began to put the small book bag before,Then look carefully to find。
Zhou Ye watched something in the backpack,The drug inside is really a lot!
It seems that this Xu Tianfu seems to have other basic problems in addition to high blood pressure.……
This kind of patient is the most terrible。
Zhou Ye looks like a cold。
Probably3Minute,Xu Tianfu slowly swallowed the antihypertensive drug from the backpack。
“Doctor,This is the medicine I eat.,You look。”Xu Tianfu handed the antihypertensive cartridge in his hand to Yes Ye.。
Nifedipine Sprinkler!
When the seven words of the destination appeared in front of Zhou Yewu,Zhou Ye has a moving capacity。
This nifedipine condolence tablet is indeed a more common drug.。
http://www.mideajfl.cn Nifedipine gentle release tablets belongbMedicament,Quick start,And as a calcium channel blocker,Nifedipine is a short-acting calcium ion antagonist,Fast effect and short duration,Drugs need to take multiple times。
But this Xu Tianfu blood pressure is so high.,Is a single antihypertensive drug really enough??
“Do you usually eat this nifedipine??Have each other antihypertensive drug??”Zhou Ye inquired,What is wrong with the antihypertensive drugs that Xu Tianfu usually eat。
Only see,Xu Tianfu pointed to this nifedipine:“Yes,I usually only eat this,A day。”
Zhou Jiwu,People must be scared。
High blood pressure is so high,Also eat such a small dose,It’s too terrible.。
While talking,Xu Tianfu began to cover his head,Out of a painful expression。
“I started hurt again.。”Xu Tianfu said。
“Have you hurt http://www.aoliangzhiyi.cn again??”Zhou Ye quickly took out a nifedipine gentle release film first let Xu Tianfu orally。
After eating,He only has slightly relieved。
“thanks……”Although Xu Tianfu headache,But the bite is not clear.。