Yue Lingxi is also thinking。

[Depend,Then I will get off work tonight.。]
Tang Yiyi:[Xixi,I know that you are eager to live.,But you still can’t show too clear,See more places,Mediation for you to buy a house,Will find a way to take you to see nearby listings,More comparison。]
Yue Lingxi is also thinking。
[OK,Depend,I see。]
Brush mobile phone time is very fast,Time to three o’clock,Yue Lingxi went to the top floor to find Lu Yunjun。
And Lin Shan and the summer are also going to the top floor office.。
Lin Shan is coming back,See the design map on her table,There is no more thinking more,I thought it was sent to Yue Lingxi.,Just hug together。
“Yue Designer,Do you have anything??”
Summer looks at her,Don’t she know?,Can you come up here??
Yue Lingxi knows this explanation,Summer will definitely not be happy。
But do not explain,The summer will be misunderstood。
“Summer Director,When I met last morning,President left me behind,I told me a color problem.,It has been re-modified,The president makes me send it directly。
right,This pot,President。
How did she say,Summer will be unhappy,This thing is one but determined,Summer will also know,Covering it, it is her reason.。
really,The next second summer, the face is sinking.,President jumps directly,So,Yue Lingxi this is the president’s emphasis on??
Yue Lingxi has no excessive explanation,On the workplace,Cheap,Strength rolling。
Lin Shan listened to this,Laugh:“Yue Designer is really good,I don’http://www.thxxzxx.cnt know what Fox Mong Fu.,Actually, there is a matter of letting President personally guides you.?”
“She conquered me with a work.,do you have any opinion?”Cold sound came from behind。
Three people turn around,Looking at Lu Wei’s tall figure is moving in elegant pace。
White shirt,Black trousers,Classic match,Perfect five senses are impeccable,At this time, the deep eyes took a ridicule of Lin Shan.。
Yue Lingxi saw such Lu Weijun,It is not unconsciously thinking of the man of that night.。
Lin Shan’s face is very ugly,This kind of words were heard by Lu Wei Jun,She is very embarrassed,Lu family like gentle girl,She is in front of Lu Wei,It has always been gentle and birds according to people.。
Lu Yujun and Song I entered the office,Three people feel silently。
Lu Weijun sits on the sofa,Song Yu immediately http://www.honghaibo.cn handed a cup of ice mineral water to him.。
Lu Weijun screwed the cap,Drink a bite,Ice feeling directly hit the stomach。
He put the remaining half water back to the table。
“Summer Director,Take me with the work that I sent to the plate.。”
Lin Shan quickly handed up。
Yue Lingxi:“……”Oh,This is to tear on the spot.!
“boom……”Lu Wei gave the drawings back,“Why is it still the original one??”
NS2341chapter I won’t let her.
Lin Shan was shocked by his sudden angry look.。