Only one person,Turn this side to the sky?

such a man,Shaohong’s heart,Suddenly thought of a person。
Just here,In fact, Shao Hong,You can’t determine。
So here,When Shao Hong looked at my eyes。
obviously,Shaohong’s heart,Also caught in a guess。
http://www.363dai.cn Just when Shao Hong is still secretly impressed,next moment,The people around you pull out the walkie-talkie,Take a phone call。
“What did you say,That person has come over again.?”
This time,This guard looks to Shao Hong,It is very tight。
Shao Hong,He already knows。
But Shao Hong at this moment,Full。
In fact, it is now,Shao Hong is very wanting to know,Who is the other party?,Actually dare to mess。
“Humph,Prepare me,I want to have a good time.!”
“Take a look at this guy,Is it really so powerful?!”
Shao Hong’s words said to teeth,obviously,It is the pressure that does not take the person.。
After all, here are the big camp of their Shaojia,Even if the other party is powerful,Dare to toss here,Undoubtedly in the search。
But in front of you,At this time, Shao Hong is, the more you look, the more you http://www.fangxiandani.cn feel funny.。
not far away,Someone walked over again.。
When you see the person who is not far away,For Shao Hong,The whole person’s heart is gure。
Because this time,Shao Hong has recognized this person.。
Especially when you look at this person,obviously,Shao Hong itself,It’s even more cold.。
After all, this thing is,In fact, he itself,It is completely unpredictable.。
“what,How can you be you??”
Shao Hong looked at Shen Xuan in front of him,Whole eyebrow wrinkle。
The 22nd chapter is a pity,You don’t have this life
Shenxuan at this time,The weight of the next consciousness。
Shen Xuan feels,Shao Hong looks,I didn’t think about it.,Even look,Very calm。
Lin Xuewei, who is around Shen Xuan,Some doubts referred to Shao Hong。
“Is this a Shaojia’s owner Shao Hong??”
Lin Xuewei said,Shen Xuan nodded。
http://www.hzlingce.cn This is of course,But a pity that is,Shaojia,Soon, it will become history.。
It is worth the eye,This,Shen Xuan’s face,It’s all over a touch of smile.。
“Shaojia master,Still quickly hand over your Shaojia’s information。”
“otherwise,What is the consequence?,I think yourself,It should be。”