“Outskirt ten miles,Tast night’s transport team will pass,Another time,Do we want to drink again?”

Han Jiang’s words were shocked to Tommy,This is what their task tonight is right.,But you can’t say that you are from the end.。
After a moment,Tommy sounded MANN Zhahua had a super hacker。
Know the goal of the hand,Intrusion inversion system,You can know the time of transportation vehicles.。
“so”Tommy long mouth,Heart shocked。
Their Tianzi Church has cultivated in the city for many years.,Can have today’s achievements。
It is said to get this news,The boss is also a lot of hard work.。
I didn’t expect it to be drifting from Han Jiang’s mouth.,Mandaha Shahua
“Cough。”Tommy covered his shock,Say:“Our early preparations need to be done well,When I arrive, I will rely on Jiang Ge.。”
Tommy found,I don’t know what this wine is called now.。
You can’t follow the boss of Xiajiang.,Just called Jiang Ge.。
“alright,Take people’s money to do things,let’s go。”
Han Jiang carrys two long swords,Not the back of the left and right,Instead, it is horrified.。
Because he feels that this back sword has the feeling of heroes.,Can make your own second soul burn。
After all, the boy is a child, or less fantasy, the heroes are。
When Hanjiang is small, I like a person named Li Xiaoyao.,Li Xiaoyao’s strength is weak.,Mainly chic,And Zhao Linger is beautiful。
Han Jiang followed Tommy to the inner city,I went to a stronghold of the Tianzi Church.,And I saw the other party’s http://www.lantingxushi.cn boss there.。
Han Jiang made a vomiting for the name of this Tianli Church,People call the heart,You call Tianqi,The ambition is still not small。
But after the understanding,Han Jiang knows,This is Tesla’s disgusting。
This Tianzi Church,It is Tesla.。
Establishment,Also to focus on local executives,Is a dark kiss。
In addition to the old boss of the teenager,His hand is full of boss to win the establishment.。
The executor is affilted in reverse entropy,But it is only the same as the alliance and higher than the alliance.。
So want to use reverse entropy,Executors who grow their own strength no longer。
The world’s absence of the world,Later, it was also awarded that several major organizations were blended.。
At this time, there is an executive to start playing.,More uneasy here。
So after http://www.chousx.cn discussion,Always contact the local gang in Hanjiang,It can also give a little bitterness to the formulars here.。
otherwise,Hanjiang these is inverse entropy of themselves,Why will I follow someone else?。
This is nothing,But people who should not say kills.。
9:30 in the evening,Han Jiang followed Tommy and won the city,To the scheduled place waiting。
It’s a minute of 10 o’clock,I saw an inverse entropy transport team。
The number of probabilities of the team is about one hundred,A total of ten military big trucks。
The above is generally anti-alley,Half is the firearms used by grassroots soldiers。
“咕咚。”I have always followed the Tommy of Hanjiang looked at the flying team.,Small asking:“Jiang Ge,Have you grip??”
Han Jiang smiled and said:“Wipe the sweat on your head,The reflective is too bright.,It is easy http://www.kali-linux.cn to find。”