The logic of the star is no problem.,Han Jiang also felt that the first time I met, I went to the girl’s residence.。

but……Here, the wilderness,She doesn’t understand the star as ashamed.。
“you……Why do you want to do?!?”
Escape from the serial traps under the starry arrangement,She has found that it is the opponent of Hanjiang.。
Now start selling stupid,It is also looking for an escape time.。
Sighty star protects the back of the chest,Just let her pull a sufficient distance,I will never get into the jungle in the jungle.。
“All said,I am http://www.xingdajiaju.cn to protect you.,You have been hiding for me.?”The distance between Han Rong and the star is always constant.。
After retreating more steps,The star also dispelled the thoughts of escaping。
This thief is high,With her small arms, the calf is can’t run.。
Subsequent star resumed normal,Micro fan,Say:“All right,Aunt, you pass the test,Subject to my guard,Let you go to the place where I live tonight.。”
The place where the star is sleeping, there is some distance from the fire.,This is also an effective means to avoid challenge。
As a person who is eligible for the next Royal,Many people look at the star tiger,There are too many people to hit her idea。
Have the royal family with people who have a big inheritance,After the field, I found that the star appearance was absolutely first。
And some conspiracy home,Unable http://www.hzlingce.cn to light the master of the big master,I must find a way to treat the star as a beggar.。
Sight star this age,Still far from the time to cultivate yourself,It is best to control compared to other royal grandders.。
So the starry star is very cautious.,Han Jiang has not experienced this dispute,Even people who have no family have,I can’t experience the mood of watching stars.。
“I go!”
“How is another?”
On the way, Han Jiang followed behind the star,Once the watch star is nothing,Han Jiang’s past is not a cave, the number of flying arrows。
“It seems that it is a thief.,You are just a thief。”The starry star is secretly laughing with a lupus.。
Han Jiang,These traps are almost equal to no existence,In case of something wrong,I don’t know how to fall into the trap.。
It is difficult to pass through the trap area of the dense Ma Ma,Han Jiang finally saw the place where the star is sleeping.。
Simple on the ground is paved with weeds,Be away from Uncle,A area around it。
Han Jiang brow wrinkled,Ask:“You live this place.?”
Sight star idose,“My moon is more than this hardship.,I am a royal family,What is this suffering?。”
Han Jiang sighed,How is the star?,How to be smart,She is now a twelve-year-old little girl.。
The small bug under the big tree is more humid,At night, I am afraid that it is possible to track people.,Deliberately not ignited。
In the woods,Distance is far more moist。
Thinking about the face of Hanjiang’s face is getting more and more,Rumet watching can know Tianzi,Borrowing Dongfeng to the world。
Could not……It is because when I was young, I lived in wet.,So suffering from rheumatism?
“Look at me。”
Han Rong said half of it,The right hand is attached to the earth,The energy of the body is slightly,Hot breath is exuded from the palm to the surrounding area。
After a while, the ground is dry.,Feeling warm in humid forest,Weeds on the ground are also dry,Sleeping here at night will be very comfortable。
If you are known by others, Han Jiang uses the power of the law of compalanti to dry a piece of land.,That is to sleep at night,How many people can not fall on the ground?。