Goose prince asked。

“Uh,not at all,Father is really going to make Chen Guo。This is estimated for half a year,No way to urge you to study,Everything rely on yourself。”
“Father,Son reading,I have always been in my own meaning.,He has been supervised by you?”
This question is asking for a long time.!
Although this is a fact,His son is really a matter from a child.,But so say it out,I’m too faceless.?
Long Sun Yun Home Wind is loose,It does not appear in a hurry on weekdays.,If it is not a son, Sun Yizhen,It is estimated that it has long been developed.。
“Humph,I will come back from Chen Guo.,Creating a school for your class。and also,Don’t look at those conspiracy tricks all day,That is not your age, you should look.!
You should now know more words,Reading language,Understand?”
“Father,If you say this?,That is certain that there is no way to come back from Chen Guo.,This kind of words can’t be said。If you come back, please drink it.,If you have finished this, I will return to my hometown.,Can’t say。”
The seven years old and grandchildren said very seriously.。
Where did you learn from what to learn?!
When I listen to my son, I can’t come back.,Yang Sun Wei is rising from liver fire,Immediately, I feel some descent.。
never mind,This son is not used,It’s late now.,Should start from three years old。
Long Sun Wei is disappointed sighs,Turn away。He is not sighing that his son is not angry,But sigh I have been old.,Actually, even the seven-year-old son can’t press it.,It’s really enough to be people.。
At this moment,He felt his sleeves were pulled,The son is looking at himself.。
“You will practice this soft bow now.,Those three stone big bows are not what you can use.。”
Yang Sun Hao said that he said。Yesterday, my son said to the bow.,Not enough,To use three stone big bows。
“Bow is like,My son wants to have a job.。All said that Wanli Road is like reading 10,000 books,Father came to Chen Guo,His Majesty can’t say a small bar.?
Son is seven years old,With it,Not as good as,How did his father bring her son??”
Uh,To follow?
“I can’t promise you this matter.。To know,Tour is extremely http://www.shanqinwang.cn dangerous,If you can’t get it, you will become a prisoner of Qi State.,Even。I will die.,How can you drag you with you??”
Long Sun Haozheng。
“One year gauge is spring,One day is in the morning,The time of life lies in the year,Step by step, step behind。If it is not peace today,May die at any time,If you are worried about these,It is better to go home in the best.。”
Chang Sun Hao said lightly,Although young,It is very powerful!
NS649chapter Pull another(Down)
after dinner,Chang Sun Wei called his son’s Yang Sun Wei to the study。
After an afternoon’s soft mill,He finally agreed to the request of his son.,this time,Go to Nan Chen with each other,Just when it is a growth。
how to say,Even the enemy,There are also very few people who take the seven-year-old children.,Although he is dangerous,But Yang Sun is not necessarily dead.。
But so little, let the son http://www.yjhsuji.cn take good look.,It is necessary。If it is not peace today,Even in Changan,In fact, it is also in a unrealistic peace.,I have no hope this life.,However, the future of Chang Sun Wei is unlimited.!
He can’t waste it,Can’t let your son lock in Changan this narrow cage。
“I talked about what you said.,Solve your eyes and black,Moved in the drum。”
Son is seven years old,But can’t be a common child。How is the grandchildren considering this emperor Yu?,Why do you want yourself?,What is the chip in your hand?,What is the purpose of achieving?,There may be any risks along the way.。
“That Chen Ba,Is there only one son Chen Chang?,Changan?Your Majesty is never letting him.?”
Chang Sun Hao did not ask how the old road will,Instead, I asked a problem without any relationship.。
“Really。If you put Chen Chang,So Chen Bao first will no more。”