“I know you have no problem.。”

Wang Fang’s eyelids,Sincerely thank you:“thanks,I can progress so fast,Also, you will lose your guidance.,Thank you for your help.,thanks!”
I know that she is the boss’s sister.,Everyone is very polite,Although this time does it really have to take care of http://www.58fishing.cn her,The individual sales experience teach her a lot,But there is no power,Tracing a few words,I work again.。
Since the opening,Wang Fang is also like finding a trick,Before going on the end of the year,Several successful signed,Frightened performance。
Finally, take a base salary.,More than 2,000 pieces of a total of hands,Look at the year-end award of her, at least 10,000 pays,Siury happiness。
Wang traffic back home,Look around, I didn’t see Wang Fang.,Strange road:“Xiaofang,Haven’t come back yet?”
Zhang Xiaoying shook his head:“no,Just called,Said to go shopping with friends,Let us wait for her,I have a meal first.。”
Wang traffic nodded:“That will not wait for her.,Let’s eat first。”
Zhang Xiao Ying got up and greeted:“The rice is already done.,You go to wash first,Liu Yu,Come on the meal.。”
“Eh。”A response in the kitchen。
This is the babysitter of Wang.,Zhang Xiaoying has been pregnant for nearly six months,Wang traffic does not take care of,Snorge, please,Take care of her。
Come on the meal,The king is also washed,Sitting with Zhang Xiaoying to the dinner table,Start to eat。
just ate,Wang Fang is holding big bag,Tired breath is coming back。
Wang traffic:“You are the robbery mall.?Buy so much?”
Wang Fang does not think about it:“How much is this??This is not me alone.,New Year,A http://www.jiajao.cnsalary,I also bought a gift for your parents.,Come over and see you don’t like it.。”
“Bother,I also know that I will buy a gift.?sure,Buy,let me see。”Wang traffic picking eyebrows,Sudden interest,I said that I walked over.。
Zhang Xiaoying also interested in the past。
Wang Fang picks out a gift box,Dedicated to the king:“Of course,give,This is the gift for you.,I didn’t want to send you for a long time.,Finally picked the strip,Open to see if you like。”
Wang traffic brings,After opening,A blue-white compatible striped tie stands,Color masonry,The texture is also a gap with his own purchase.,I don’t want to have any high-end goods。
But live for more than 20 years.,This is also a gift that I received Wang Fang first.,The king is still very happy,I can’t let go, I have played a while.,I also tried it on the spot.,I can’http://www.wjtx8.cn t stand:
“Not bad,very suitable。”
Wang Fangtun was happy to smile,I took a gift box again.,Hand to Zhang Xiaoying Road:“sister in law,this is for you,The weather is cold,See you nor a scarf,I will bought you a piece.,You are now with your baby,Be sure to pay attention to your body.。”
“thanks,I will。”Zhang Xiaoying took a smile,Open gift box,Sure enough is a scarf,Pink,The above is still in white embroidery spot。
Wang traffic does not help but,It seems that Zhang Xiaoying’s teenage,Even Wang Fang also saw it.。
“The rest is given to parents.,This is the shoes bought to Mom.,This is the belt to Dad bought.,There are also these,Waiting for home, give them。”Wang Fangxing。
Wang traffic suddenly:“I bought it,Didn’t give you something yourself??”
“Of course I bought it.。”Wang Fang out。
“Buy?”Wang Flow asked。
“bought……Don’t tell you。”Wang Fang smile,Unlikely,Pick up a parcel,Get up and hand it to Liu Yu, which is picking up the table.,road:
“this is for you,Liu Yu,I wish you a New Year.。”
“Is there anyone??”Liu Yiyi。
Wang Fangdao:“Of course,During this time, you also take care of me.,Can’t you fall down?。”
“thanks, thanks。”Liu Yi has visited。