“All here,Do we have to retreat??”Big bamboo repair is not willing to ask,

“Leader,We still send the work to the front to go to the front.。”
“Well deep,You go to arrange it.!”When you say this, the big bamboo repair is nothing.。
This time, the two passed the two artifacts to spread the road.,I didn’t find anything about them.,Nothing to trigger the organ trap。
Although no agency trap,Dazhu repaired, did not dare to continue,Because of a brigade,It has lost one-third,Another officers and soldiers are full of morale,Fundamental is no longer fighting。
“Withdraw the bamboo forest and other agencies!”Dazhu http://www.zzplot.cn repair has made communication soldiers,The nearby garrison will soon come over。
Dazhu repair is returned according to the original road,Walking to the place where the first time was attacked by the bamboo gun,Suddenly two sides of the guns,The devils on two wings continue to plant。
Two wings were attacked,Because the situation is unknown,Dafang repaired, did not dare to love the bamboo forest immediately,The devil is a fast withdrawal,Even if you shoot a lot of devils, there is no target of the target.。
The new four army, which has been rushed to the fire, all made a disguise,Although there is no glow,But bamboo leaves are the best camouflage tools in bamboo forests.。
Song Jian always followed the big bamboo repair,At least one squadron protects them,The ambushed New Fourth Army did not pursue,I stopped the devil and stopped the bamboo forest.。
Dazhu repaired with the remaining devil away from the bamboo forest,Let him feel the straight foot of him after the spot,This is what they came to China’s loss.,One thousand people now only have seven hundred seventy-three people,The rest of the whole is dead in the bamboo forest。
“This is not a general new four army!”Dazhu Xiu said that he is ten party:“Ten parties,Have you seen this new four army??”
“Report Dazhu,We have seen two new four military independent groups,They are not together,The weapons used in the new four military in the bamboo forest,And their ammunition is not very adequate,However, their guns seem to be very good.。”
“Leader,At that time, if we resolute rebellions would be better.?”Well’s deep Hao two listening to the gunshots, the new four army did not say how many people said,
“stupid,In that case, how do we know that they still have other volts?,If they have a military army in the bamboo forest,No need,Only a few hundred people,We will be blocked in the bamboo forest,At that time, we may have the possibility of the whole army.!”Dazhu Xiu said,
“Hayi,Under understand!”
“Well deep!Don’t worry,Soon, there will be a reinforcement,When they, I will enter the bamboo forest.!”Dazhu repair comfort,
Song Jian can’t follow them again,Say:“Dazhu,I am going to look around the road now.,By the way, see the end opposite the troops.!How many people。”
“Then please the ten elements!”If you can get the exact news, it is of course good.,Dazhu repair immediately。
Song Jian left in the direction of Zhengnan,Two asks:“Leader,Is this a long time??”
“Be right,In fact, I haven’t seen the long pavilion yet.,All the big princes called ten party passing are delivered。”
“Leader,He won’t be a stylist.?”
“impossible,When he is in front of my face with Mei Machine, he communicated the phone.,General Jiaozo also made me fully support the long pool of the pool.。”
“We don’t seem to have a useful intelligence.。”
“That should be that they have not investigated clear,The last time, the Director of the Wannan Detachment is not。”
“I hope we can get the details of the southern detachment!They can always be our heart disease.。”
“I also hope to see this famous Dingji Jun Jun Jun,I heard that he is a student of near-guard prime minister.!”
Bamboo forest,The strength of a camp in the New Fourth Army is taking the battlefield.,There are a few soldiers who have not triggered the trap that has not triggered to prevent hurt from themselves.。
“The deputy commander is too powerful.,Everything is more fear when these devils are dead!I feel that there is pain in them.!”Looking at the bamboo gun through the belly, the devil was spiked on the ground and said a warrior.,
“Draw it by bamboo,I want to think that I have a chicken skin.,But this is really good.,Province bullets,This vice prescription is not a family pass.?”
“You also know ink?”
“Isn’t the story saying that ink family specializer??”
“Wow,So saying that the vice president is a great person.!”
“In short, our camp earned,Take a look at these three eight cars,machine gun,Glow,Cantaloupe!Ha ha ha ha”
Warries http://www.bfehttp://www.cn withdraws the trophy,The devil’s body is all in the same place.,Rui Rui looked at the sand table for her hand in the depths of the bamboo forest.,He is worried that you have any omissions.,So repeated in the brain。