He actually met this medicinal medicine。

Tianshui Dan。
Awareness,It is that he kills people,I don’t know who is the best spiritan who is grabbing in his hands.,There is also an introduction。
This kind of medicinal medicine is opened by special spiritual solution.,Extremely magical effect on vegetation demon。
In fact,This Tan medicine is now lying in his storage.。
Summer big joy,Hurry and invade the storage ring,Flying searches,Soon found the medicinal medicine,And jade jade with Dan medicine。
immediately,Record all the information of this Dan medicine。
Then take the second jade bottle……
After a few interest,Summer dry Baba toward the third jade bottle,Fourth,Fifth——Third hundred。
finally,He walked out of jade,Slightly embarrassed the jade simple to a color skirt。
Next is the statistics and summary results。
After a moment,Yang Danqiong looks to everyone,“The third level test results are as follows,Lihua Yuan,A total of one hundred and one medicinal medicine;Yuan Yao,A total of hundreds of medicinal herbs;Brownow,A total of ninety-eight medicinal herbs……”
Hear this grade,A piece of presence。
What do you still don’t think,Cannan Pharmacists know that http://www.haijs.cn this grade is gold。
They all know that they have identified several medicinal herbs.,Compared with Dan Jun Sany,Too big。
really,Next, the cliff fell。
“Height,Gongzhi 20 Dan Medicine,Lufei,A total of eleven……”
List one read。
“……Summer 2nd,A total of Dan medicine。”
This time,Survey of Dan Pharmacists did not laugh。
They are even very horrified……Surprised in summer, I can identify a Dan medicine.。
Identification,That’s not only a medicinal medicine.,Need to know the efficacy、Origin、Year, etc.,This is considered。
Many people see it,Summer is definitely a line。
I thought he would be eliminated at this time.,I didn’t expect such strong,Always hang。
“summer,Since you account for this quota,Not eliminated,Then I will let you take this test.。”
Yang Danqiong first published a dissatisfaction with http://www.paulblack.cn someone,“But I am free,I am now regretting the original proposal.,Give this precious quota to Tianlong Chamber of Commerce……”
Summer mouth squeezed,Quite embarrassing。
Watch the face of Malone in the crowd becomes slightly ugly。
He is also regretted now.。
Regret, you can participate in the assessment in summer.,It is completely hard to please。