I have a deep breath.,The palace clearly heard the microphone seems to have a long out of breath.。

“And in order to let us down now,Generate a little different change。Also as possible,Let our team go farther this year,It is necessary for you to join a team.。”
“so,The boss will make this decision,Let you evenLPLPeople who have not yet passed to the World World。”
“In fact, everyone is not expected to let you change the situation.,Instead, we can have more choices in critical moments.。So finished,Now you can understand why the boss http://www.jzjxbb.cn said at this time??”
Palace Qingwen grows up,“I probably understand,I am that oneXchant。but,People’s quota?”
rookielong“Oh”NS,road:“You said this.,You don’t have to worry about this.,Take you wellLDLChampion。”
I will take this to dig.。
Palace clear text touching your neck,Smile,“Niko,I am going to the base.,Hang up the phone first.。”
LPLSummer session has ended,IGIt is the second place in the Summer Routine,However, this rankings and they can’t enter the World of Competition and have no direct relationships.。
According to the requirements of this year’s advancement world,LPLThe team of the competition wants to advance to the World World。
First way,Also the most direct way,That is to win the champion of the summer season。
But in the initial invincibleRNGbefore,The http://www.shengshifw.cn lineup is still incompleteIGWin is not big。
So second way,That isLPLNo. 2 seed,This is to see which team has added the highest number of teams in the Spring Festival and Summer.。
Spring race points:champion90Minute,runner up70Minute,Quarter50Minute,Hall30Minute,Fifth and sixth10Minute。
Summer:Champion directly advanced to the World World,runner up90Minute,Quarter70Minute,Hall40Minute,the fifth place20Minute,Sixth place10Minute。
certainly,Points plus,It is also possible in addition to the summer championship.,Subsequently, the two teams have the same situation.。
Once this happens?,Then you have to see who is higher than the summer.,Who is higher than the total points,Who will advance?。
so,IGWant to advance to the World World,For now,Not a very simple thing。
on the contrary,There is still a big http://www.snshucai.cn difficulty。
Because the results they get in the spring are the temple,So now their points are only30Minute。
Row in front of them,Besides3Teamwork。
One is a spring championRNG,One is the Spring SeasonEDG,One is a spring season armyRW。
so,IGWant to get the number of seeds,Means that they have to win the runner-up of the summer season,And at the same timeEDGCan’t get the top three of the summer season。
And if this road is also blocked,SoIGJust go to play bubbles,Strive for the last three seeds。
Total points3arrive5Playing bubble,First, the fourth place and fifthBO5,Winner and third placeBO5。
The last winner promotedSMatch,Get the quota of the last three seed。
This is this yearLPLTeam,Advance levelSThree ways to match。
After listening to Wu Gui, this science of ten minutes.,The palace is clearly caught up.。
Although he also looked at the game,However, I have never been deeply understood.。And now,He is just aLDLPlayner,Negotiable。
After experiencing today’s things,He finally started to feel curious about this kind of thing.。
So just after returning to the base,He asked a sentence.,LPLPromotionSWhat is the program of the game?。
As a result, Wu Gui introduced his self-discourse.LPLPromotionSA whole process of the game。
“It’s quite clear about it.。”
I heard the palace Qing Wen this praise,Wu Gui’s mouth is coming to the ear.。
“No no,On the league。”