Busy for a long time, pack up moving,By the way, there is a hygiene in the outside.,During the period, I didn’t wake up.,No one wakes him。

At this moment。
Chen Linzhi driving the white911,Car craftsmanship in this year,It is not as good as tens of thousands of small cars from the later generation.,Hand addiction。
Step on the throttle,The waves are still mixed,I feel noisy outside the car,There are also noisy in the car,Space is not spacious enough,But you can attract many passers-by。
He asked Miss Song said:
“Your grandfather,Your parents know?Just now new house,And this car,In case, your mother is coming back.,Then I will find another place.,Uncomfortable。
Rent for one hundred more knives before each month,Say it is an old house,If you change your new rent, you can not be cheap.,Take the house,I should give you two or three hundred pieces a month.。”
I can’t think of explaining the elders,Soong Yuezi is a bit upset。
She is not a character liked to drill the horns,Soon drive:
“Can tell my mother,But you can’t tell my dad,He likes to gamble on weekdays,I remember that he was good at him.,The family is only slightly worse.,Once played, go back,The whole family follows。
I don’t know what to do if I have died.,I called my mother.,I advise them to separate early.,So unhappy,Also included me。”
The children of others are persuaded and don’t advise,In the Song Yuexiang, it is actually in response to it.。
Look at the character of her,Chen Linzhi believes that she can really do this.,It is really http://www.shkaibei.cn not considered the problem of dragging water。
It was blocked on the highway that day,She doesn’t turn my head and escape.,Always accompany to hit the last,Still in your wrist。
As for other parts of her body,Song Yuequan did not say,Chen Linzhi also invisible。
Song Yuexian is embarrassed to collect a rent,What’s more, I don’t think the new house really belongs to myself.,There is still no change in concept。
So she didn’t say something,The poke ambiguity, said it first.。
Just bring some daily necessities,殷 蛰 蛰 蛰 中,Each eaten a bowl of snow meat,Even if you have finished moving。
Chen Linzhi still has something to do。
On the afternoon, I played the banner of the business.,From the hands of Miss Song, borrow the new car away。
I really want to of course all the way.,I have rushed to the Silicon Valley http://www.bomexsolar.cn area outside the drive away.,I thought it was possible to leak investment,Plainstorm。
However, no matter the apple of more than $ 100 billion dollars.,Is it a Microsoft that is estimated more than 200 million US dollars?,It is not the existence of he has qualified.,Don’t mentionib、Motorola, etc.。
The opportunity is divided into him,However, bitter is no money,Can’t catch up with,Chen Linzhi, this mood is simply。
Not a encyclopedia,It doesn’t understand many things on many details.,So driving a few laps,Plus oil to the roadside,Looking at Apple Signboard,After breathing, there is a silicone valley with a dollar bill.,Also drive back to San Francisco along the 1st Road。
There is a taste that there is no investment,Let Chen Linzhi depressed to breathe,No wonder people often say that the opportunity is not a person http://www.jinse168.cn who is prepared.,But there is a ready-made rich person。
Although life can’t be just earn money,But he wants to earn more money now, he is a good day.,This idea is not wrong。
In his own opinion,The current situation is like a scorpion.,Only have a heart to the sky。
After the night is coming。
Back to San Francisco,He will be the Porsche of Song Yuezi911Pounter on the high road road,Alert light,Chen Linzhi got off the car away from San Francisco night scene,Drive the smoke by the car,In two,The big half is just a drift.。
I really think about it.,Finally, the way should take a step by step.,I have to eat a dinner.,It is more than ten days from the middle.,There have been more than 10,000 dollars in your body.,It still has a long time to accumulate,The opportunity is also everywhere,No need to be too urgent。
Consider these,Thought is clear,Strive to go up。
With this new life,Chen Linzhi will determined to live a wonderful point,Don’t want to be rich and big,Minimum also like a model,Can’t be too salted。
Avoid inactive life,It is also comforting yourself ordinary expensive.,I have no chance before.,Nowadays, a good opportunity is in front of it.,Don’t be a pity。
I have given myself a chicken blood.,Mental is driving back to Tangren Street。
Think too many things,Wait until Near Songyu,After recently known, I remember,In the morning, it has moved to the luxury home near the city hall.。
Distance is not far,How long does it take to drive?。
He has no key,Strange face,Stored by the apartment security in the lobby,Call the Song Yuezi,This is going through the elevator on the floor.。
Waiting for the Song Yuexiang to help open the door,Chen Linzhi found a lot of potted floral grass in the house,Starry flowers on the table,Lily in tea several flowers,And the green plant next to the TV,Let this new house full of life。
Slightly makes him embarrassing,I always feel like a new marriage couple.,Especially in Song Yuezi, wear apron and busy cleaning.,It’s a little sultry in your eyes.。